2019 Italy Relational Learning in Education

Study Relational Learning in Education 

Open to all majors
Florence, Reggio Emilia, and Rome, Italy
May Intersession May 20 - June 3, 2019
Students in Italy

Program overview

  • Immerse yourself in this international experience during 2 weeks of study abroad 
  • Face to face classes are held in the elegant Palazzo Vetorri on the KSU Florence campus and throughout Italy 
  • Collaborate with teachers and students from Ambrit Rome International School (pre k through 8 English as a first language school), a Public Elementary School in Florence (where pre-k through 6 students learn English as a foreign Language) and Liceo Machievelli High School
  • Examine the social construction of knowledge that takes places in educational relationships 
  • Engage in learning/mentoring experiences as you apply theories of learning to practice 
  • Work one-on-one with peers and/or other students in the process of learning
  • Examine relational learning practices including the Reggio Emilia approach, mentoring, Vygotsky's socio-cultural learning, and documentation of learning experience

Course Information

  • Course: ESPY 29525 OR Hybrid ESPY 49525
  • No. of Credits: 3 credits
  • Instructor: Dr. Anne Morrison (amorriso@kent.edu | 330-672-0580)


Informational Meeting Times  

  1. September 25     12:00 pm     200 White Hall
  2. October 3            12:00 pm    200 White Hall
  3. October 30            4:00 pm    200 White Hall

To Apply

Online Application

Deadline: January 31, 2019

Fee: $60.00 to apply

Contact: Rose Onders at ronders@kent.edu (ph: 330-672-0564) or Visit the Center for International & Intercultural Education 215 White Hall