Environmental and systems nutrition in Uganda

Study abroad for eligible undergraduate/ graduate students in Kampala, Rubanda, & Buhoma, Uganda
Summer Intersession May 16-June 1, 2020
Study Abroad Uganda

Program Overview

  • Experience firsthand the impact that public policy, sustainability and availability can have on health and health promotion 
  • Meet with college students in Uganda to discuss which nutrition and health issues are at the forefront of the Ugandan population and discuss the similarities and differences seen in our American populations 
  • Visit a small school nonprofit and a large hospital nonprofit as well as rural communities and Pygmy villages; they serve to gain a better understanding of the impact that these organizations can have on the health and well-being of the populations they serve 
  • Finally, visit several of Uganda's forests and lakes to immerse yourself in the beauty of Uganda and return as a mindful and global citizen 

Tentative activities

  • Travel to Kampala, then to Mburo, Lake Bunyoni, Rubanda, Buhoma, and Fort Portal 
  • Meet with local residents, college students, elementary school students and teachers, nonprofit organizers, physicians and nutrition facilitators 
  • Visit sites including Mburo nature preserve, Rubanda Solidarity School, Mwana Mugimu and Queen Elizabeth park

Course Information

  • Course: NUTR 5/41095 Special Topics in Nutrition: Environmental and Systems Nutrition
  • Eligibility: prereq NUTR23511
  • No. of Credits: 3 credits
  • Instructor: David Sharp  (dsharp7@kent.edu)               

To Apply

Online Application

Deadline: December 1, 2019

Fee: $60.00 to apply

Contact: Rose Onders at ronders@kent.edu (ph: 330-672-0564) or Visit the Center for International & Intercultural Education 215 White Hall