Kent State Transition Collaborative

The Kent State Transition Collaborative (KSTC) is an interagency collaboration of local public schools, community employers and the Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment (CITE) at Kent State University. The KSTC provides career exploration and work experience for high school students with disabilities at campus work sites and facilitates progress toward transition goals for employment. The KSTC simultaneously provides experience for graduate students in transition-related fields. They apply best practices and develop transition competencies described in their coursework. KSTC graduates are sought statewide and nationally because of their experience in this field-based training.

The graduate students become Transition Coordinators in training (TC's) and assume leadership roles in the KSTC Programs. The programs include: Career Exploration, a two-day per week experience which helps students to identify their interests and allows them to try out a number of job tasks; Job Training, a four-day per week experience which helps students to learn appropriate job behavior and meet employer expectations in a paid job. Career Exploration participants attend a three-week, summer orientation workshop for assessment and to become familiar with the Kent State campus, staff and opportunities.

Collaborative Meetings are held monthly to discuss KSTC procedures and initiatives and to provide a forum for membership feedback. The Committee is co-chaired by Dr. Babette Cameron, Project Director of the Kent State Transition Collaborative and, John Wachovec, Work-Study Coordinator for the Six District Compact. All members are welcome to attend meetings which include topics of interest to them or to receive meeting minutes and agendas to stay informed.