The Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment (CITE) at Kent State University has published and developed materials related to its three major purposes: (a) preparing secondary transition leaders, (b) translating secondary transition research into practice and (c) promoting effective policies and programs. CITE publications in each of these areas are designed to meet the information needs of a variety of secondary transition stakeholders including researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and consumers.

Contact Information

Professor Emeritus

Robert Flexer, Ph.D.

For researchers and policy-makers

CITE staff typically publish in refereed journals because these information consumers require a high degree of detail and the vetting of other professionals to ensure that the information is trustworthy and significantly related to the current needs of the field. In preparing secondary transition leaders, CITE staff have published articles about Kent State's transition doctoral level, master's degree, and transition-to-work certification programs for special educators and rehabilitation professionals that combine intense training in secondary transition combined with management and direct service experiences related to maintaining an ongoing community-based work experience program for high school students on the Kent State University campus. In regard to translating research into practice, CITE staff have conducted statewide research on the secondary services and post-school outcomes of secondary students with disabilities. Finally, in regard to promoting effective policies and programs, CITE staff have published research on transition policy compliance and best practice implementation at schools throughout the state.

For practitioners and consumers

In addition to refereed journals, CITE staff have developed textbooks and manuals designed for use by practitioners and consumers. These textbooks and manuals tend to be practice-oriented and designed for specific audiences. The most comprehensive publication by the CITE is a college-level textbook called Transition Planning for Secondary Students with Disabilities which is in its third edition. The most comprehensive manual the CITE has published is Transition Planning: A Guide for Parents and Professionals which is in its fourth edition and has been published since 1992. The CITE also has published manuals related to preparing students with disabilities for college, developing campus-based transition programs, and developing supported job clubs for students with more significant disabilities. Along with textbooks and manuals, CITE staff have developed web-sites and teaching aids including transition planning folders, backward planning worksheets, brochures, position papers, and resource guides.