2019 Leadership for PK-12 Admin / Italy

Study Leadership for Collective Cultural Capacity in Florence

For Practicing PK-12 school administrators
Kent State University Center Florence, Italy
June 7-16, 2019

Program Overview

  • Be introduced to intercultural leadership in an international setting
  • Engage with Kent State University US and Italian faculty & staff
  • Meet civic leaders in the classroom, the historic city, and in Italian PK-12 school sites
  • Be involved in opportunities to improve cultural awareness and sensibilities as effective leaders of US schools
  • Learn to engage and inspire ever-evolving students from a variety of ethnic, national, religious, and cultural backgrounds
  • Foci will be on personal, interpersonal, and societal development as participants explore curriculum built upon the values of a freedom-loving society
  • Journey into a culture full of illustrious life and meaning

Tentative Activities

  • Walking tours of Florence
  • Opera Performance
  • Full day visit to Reggio-Emilia

Course Description

To Apply

Online Application

Deadline: April 1, 2019

Contact: Dr. Rosemary Gornik (edlead@kent.edu | 330-672-0630)