Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations

The doctoral program in Cultural Foundations develops the capacity of educators and professionals to better understand the educational issues affecting the nation and the world.

The program requires a set of core courses and an individually designed major program based on the career goals of the student.  The doctoral program offers students the chance to gain well-developed skills in educational analysis, problem solving, and resource identification and use. The degree is beneficial to educators and professionals who want to hold high-level positions in K­–12 and higher education, or educators and professionals who want more foundational knowledge to benefit their teaching.


Admission Deadlines

March 15: Fall semester admittance

Oct 15: Spring semester admittance

Feb 1: Summer admittance


Graduation Requirements

After admission to the Ph.D. program, students plan a program of study with their respective faculty advisory committee headed by their advisor. Students must complete a minimum of 90 hours beyond the bachelor's degree and 60 hours beyond the master’s degree. A major consisting of 39 or more semester hours in Cultural Foundations, and 9 semester hours of research methodology coursework in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services, is required. Students who come into the program from fields that are not related to the Cultural Foundations of Education, up to 9 additional credits of foundational education coursework may be required as preparation for the Ph.D. plan of studies and approved by the advisor. These courses do not count towards the Ph.D. degree. A midpoint formative review presentation and comprehensive exam are required.