Recent Publications

Faculty Research

Seeberg, V., Na, Y.., Li., Y. & Clark, D., (2019). Rural girls’ educational empowerment in urbanizing China: Comparing Han majority and Mongolian minority girls. In K. Zaleski, A. Enrile, E. L. Weis & X.Y.Wang (Eds.),Women’s Journey to Empowerment in the 21st Century: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Women’s Lives in Modern Times (p. 42-64). Oxford, GB: Oxford U. Press.

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Niesz, T., Korora, A. M., Burke Walkuski, C., & Foot, R. E. (2018). Social movements and educational research: Toward a united field of scholarship. Teachers College Record, 120(3), 1–41.

Niesz, T. (2018). When teachers become activists. Phi Delta Kappan, 99(8), 25–29.

Vilma Seeberg & Shujuan Luo (2018) Migrating to the City in North West China: Young Rural Women’s Empowerment, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, DOI: 10.1080/19452829.2018.1430752

Damrow, A. (2017). “Maybe you have to be friends to be Nakama”: School friends and cultural logics in the United States and Japan. Journal of Family Diversity in Education, 2(4), 42-62.

Yu, X., Seeberg, V., & Malone, L. (2017). Moving on Up: Urban to Suburban Translocation Experiences of High-Achieving Black American Students. Education and Urban Society, 49(9), 832-849. doi:10.1177/0013124516675925

Seeberg, V., Luo, S., Na Y. (2017, December). The role of the church and religious learning of young women migrant workers in western China, in M. Sivasubramaniam & R. Hayhoe (Eds.), Religion and Education: Comparative and International Perspectives. Oxford, GB: Oxford University Press.

Seeberg, V., with Luo, SJ. (2017, October). Young Women Rural Migrant Workers in China’s West: Benefits of Schooling? Frontiers of Education in China, 12(3).

Seeberg, V., Baily, S., Khan, A., Ross, H., Wang, YM, Shah, P., Wang, L. (2017, April). Frictions that Activate Change: A Study of Non-Governmental Organizations, Gender and Education in China, India and Pakistan. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 37(2):  232-247.

Student Research

Brindley, M. (2019). An educational question via rabbit hole: what is an educational question? Philosophical Studies in Education, 50, 82-93. Available online:  

Geis, P. J. (2019). Has student voice been eliminated? A consideration of student activism post-Parkland. Philosophical Studies in Education, 50, 82-93. Available online:

Geis, P. J. (2019, September). “The Safety of Students Is Our Top Priority”: Does the Securitization of Educational Spaces and Experiences Undermine Education? Paper presented at Emerging Researchers’ Conference—European Conference on Educational Research, Hamburg, Germany. 

Satlykgylyjova, M. (2017, March). Elusive identity: Hybridization of Central Asian women as a result of education abroad and crossing cultural borders.   Paper presented at the Comparative International Education Society, Atlanta, GA.

Venable, C. J. (2018). Philosopher-kings and academic advisers: Learning from The Republic. The Mentor: Innovative Scholarship on Academic Advising, 20, 3-11.


Thomas Welsh (PhD, 2009)
Welsh, T., Foster, J., and Morgan, G.F.. (2017).  A history of Jewish Youngstown and the Steel Valley.  Charleston, SC: The History Press.