Recent Dissertations in Cultural Foundations

Joy, Ruth (Summer 2018) The American Covenant, Catholic Anthropology and Educating for American Citizenship: The Importance of the Catholic School Ethos. Or, Four Men in a Bateau

Ozar, Ryan (Summer 2018) Accommodating Amish Students in Public Schools: Teacher Perspectives on Educational Loss, Gain, and Compromise

Luo, Shujuan (Summer 2017) Young Female Migrant Workers' Life Skills Learning and Practice, Its Sources and Empowerment Properties in Their Own Words

Newton, C. Kristine (Summer 2017) Rising Valor: A Research Study of Chinese Women Working in Factories, Educating Themselves and Redefining Women's Empowerment

Torgerson, Richard (Summer 2017)
Relational Learning in the Analects of Confucius: Exploring the Foundations, Practices and Purposes of Classical Confucian Learning

Nardy, Margaret T. (Spring 2017)
The Cost of Urban Change on Neighborhood Schools: The Case of Youngstown, Ohio, 1946-1997

Walkuski, Christy B. (Spring 2017)
Civic Narratives: Exploring the Civic Identity of Community College Students

Kirby, Kara (Fall 2016)
Empowerment Processes in the Lives of Tanzanian Women: Intersection of Family, Education, and Digital Technology

Morris, Nick (Fall 2016)
Relocating Education for Sustainability: From the Classroom to the Community

Zheng, Qiuxian (Fall 2016) 
Becoming a Bi-cultural Teacher: A Narrative Inquiry into the Stories of Chinese Teachers in American Schools

Anderson, Rachel (Summer 2016)
Freedom, Agency and Optimism: A Feminist Case Study on Girls' Education in Southeastern Turkey

Lewis, James R. (Fall 2015)
Spiritual Fitness and Resilience Formation through Army Chaplains and Religious Support 

Malone, Larissa (Spring 2015)
My Existence Didn't Make No Difference to Them: Perceptions of Teacher Expectations Among African-American Students and Their Families

Alvim, Henrique G. (Fall 2014)
Living Christianly Among Strangers: The Educational, Civic, and Theological Practice of "Being the Church" in the Post-Secular American Academy

Yu, Xiaoqi (Fall 2014)
The Experience of High-Achieving Black-American Students Who Migrated From Poor Inner City Areas To An Affluent Suburb

Korora, Aaron (Summer 2014)
Globalization Through the Eyes of the Student: A Phenomenological Investigation of the Graduate Student Experience in an International Education Environment

Silverman, Bryan (Summer 2014)
Canadian Identity, Multiculturalism and a Cosmopolitan Future

Owan, Victor Achima (Spring 2014)
An Analysis of the Concept of Cultural Competence in a Cross-cultural Priestly Context: Implications for Priestly Formation in the Twenty-first Century for Service Abroad 

Katusiime, Denis (Spring 2014)
An Enhanced Human Development Capability Approach to Education: Implications for Technical Vocational Education and Training Policy in Uganda 

Khan, Asima (Spring 2013)
Education and Women: Non-Formal Education Among Lower Socioeconomic Status Women in Pakistan In Their Voice

Capeles, Belkis Torres (Fall 2012)
Latinas in Higher Education: An Interpretive Study of Experiential Influences That Impact Their Life Choices

Dogutas, Aysun (Summer 2011)
School Violence in Turkey, Multiple Perspectives in Multiple Settings

Espinetti, Gretchen (Spring 2011)
The Third Culture Kid (TCK) Experience: Adult-TCKS’ Reflections On Their Multicultural Childhood, Its Impact On Student-Teacher Relationships In U.S. Classrooms And Their Recommendations For Multicultural Teacher Education In The United States

Ignatieva, Raisa P. (Fall 2010)
Positioning Teachers: A Discourse Analysis of Russian and American Teacher Identities in the Context of Changing National Assessment Mandates

Smith, Lillie Gayle (Summer 2007)
Black Mississippi Delta Teacher Education Candidates

Fierer, Rick (Fall 2002)
Discussions & Praxis: Research & Democratically Oriented Classroom Practice

Bull, Victor (Fall 2002) 
Successful Aging among Chinese Americans