Recent Dissertations in Cultural Foundations

Engelkiran, Simge (Summer 2022) Citizenship education in Northern Cyprus social studies textbooks: How is critical thinking encouraged?

Al Musaiteer, Suliman (Summer 2020) Saudi Teachers' Perceptions of Their Profession under Neoliberal Reforms

Judy, Jon (Summer 2020) To Be Seen and Also Heard: Toward a More Truly Public Broadcasting System for Children

Schell-Barber, Leah (Spring 2020) Writing Centers between Past and Future: Outstanding Scholarship Award Texts and Student Success

Lyles Jones, Jennifer (Fall 2019) Engaging for Jesus: An Exploration of Faith Development and Civic Engagement of Alumni of Three Local Christian Secondary Schools

Bodapati, Radha Krishnamurthy (Summer 2019) Nepalese-Bhutanese Refugee Youth in Northeast Ohio Public Schools: Challenges to Integration

Satlykgylyjova, Mayagul (Summer 2019) “Am I Fractured or Whole?”: Exploring Central Asian Female Students’ Self-Identity in American Graduate Schools

Lawless-Andric, Dana Marie (Summer 2019) The Problematization of Access and Educational Opportunity in Higher Education: A poststructural policy analysis

Akbar, N. J. (Summer 2019) Black Male Collegians Cultivating Success: Critical Race Aspiration Ethos

Zhang, Tianhong (Spring 2019) Meaningful Intercultural Practice: American and International Graduate Students on a U.S. Campus

Ni, Liangtao (Spring 2019) Experiences of Chinese Higher Education Faculty members at American Universities and Their consistency with China's World-Class University Reform Policy

Bishop, Beatriz Fontanive (Spring 2019) Gardens, Prisons, and Asylums: Metaphors for School

Joy, Ruth (Summer 2018) The American Covenant, Catholic Anthropology and Educating for American Citizenship: The Importance of the Catholic School Ethos. Or, Four Men in a Bateau

Ozar, Ryan (Summer 2018) Accommodating Amish Students in Public Schools: Teacher Perspectives on Educational Loss, Gain, and Compromise

Luo, Shujuan (Summer 2017) Young Female Migrant Workers' Life Skills Learning and Practice, Its Sources and Empowerment Properties in Their Own Words

Newton, C. Kristine (Summer 2017) Rising Valor: A Research Study of Chinese Women Working in Factories, Educating Themselves and Redefining Women's Empowerment

Torgerson, Richard (Summer 2017) Relational Learning in the Analects of Confucius: Exploring the Foundations, Practices and Purposes of Classical Confucian Learning

Nardy, Margaret T. (Spring 2017) The Cost of Urban Change on Neighborhood Schools: The Case of Youngstown, Ohio, 1946-1997

Walkuski, Christy B. (Spring 2017) Civic Narratives: Exploring the Civic Identity of Community College Students