Study Abroad

Hospitality and Event Management Internship in Italy

Location: Florence, Italy

Time: Dates to be determined

Course Information

Course: HEM 43092 (enroll in Spring) HEM 41096 (enroll in Summer)

Instructor: Ning-Kuang Chuang (

Program Overview

Hospitality and Event Management majors and minors, and Event Planning minors have the option to complete Practicum courses in Florence. Highlights of the internship include:

  • Explore iconic locations and learn the Italian approach to hospitality
  • Past internship employers include:
    • Palazzo San Niccolò - small boutique hotel and apartments
    • Palazzo Belfiore - luxury apartments
    • Pino's Sandwich/Enoteca Pozzo Divino - restaurant featuring wine tastings
    • DotFlorence - web agency specialized in tourism and real estate

To read about the experiences of former students who completed their internship in Florence, visit their internship experience webpage.

To Apply

Deadline: To be announced


If you are interested in Hospitality and Event Management internship in Florence, Italy, contact Ning-Kuang Chuang at or Rose Onders at (330-672-0564).