Thesis or Project

This guideline is prepared for Master's students who may chose a thesis or project option for their Master's degree of study in Health Education and Promotion. A majority of the content of this guideline are directly copied from the Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations. This guideline only highlights what appears to be the most important items and add hyperlinks to the relevant part of the Graduate Handbook. Please read original handbook for accuracy. The process of a thesis/project is described as follows:

Appointment of Thesis/Project Director and Thesis/Project Committee

When a student is ready to begin thesis or project planning, he/she should meet with the faculty member who has been assigned as graduate program adviser. If the student Updated is considering a topic outside the adviser’s area of expertise, the adviser will arrange for the student to secure counsel on the proposal. The adviser and the student are responsible for securing the consent of a qualified professor to act as director.  The adviser may serve as director if this arrangement is agreeable to both parties. The director will guide the student during the development of the tentative thesis or project proposal. The director will also assist the student in selecting two other graduate faculty members appropriate to advise and serve on the committee.

Approval of Thesis or Project Topic

The student is to prepare a reasonably detailed description of the proposed research study and present it to his/her committee for review and approval. When the committee is satisfied with the proposal, the student will secure the signature of the director and all committee members on the thesis proposal committee. This form, accompanied by a copy of the abstract, should be filed in The Office of Graduate Student Services (room 418 White Hall) no later than the first day of the term in which the student plans to graduate.

Registration for Master’s Thesis ONLY

The student is required to register continuously for Thesis I for a total of 6 credit hours upon completion of coursework.  Registration must be from 2 to 6 credits per semester, distributed over 1 to 3 semesters as desired.  Thereafter, the student must continuously register for Thesis II until graduation.

Registration for Master’s Project ONLY

The student is required to register for 6 hours of Master Project upon completion of coursework.  Registration must be from 2 to 6 credits per semester, distributed over 1 to 3 semesters as desired.

Completion of Thesis or Project

The student must complete the thesis or project to the satisfaction of their committee and deliver copies to each member of the committee at least one week prior to the oral defense. The committee director will act as consultant during the time the thesis or project is being completed.  The student completing the thesis must consult the Guidelines for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations regarding thesis style and form. The student will arrange for an oral defense of the thesis or project with the various members of their committee.  The entire three person committee is required to be present for the defense meeting. The committee director will be responsible for the completion of the  Report of Oral Defense.

  •  Thesis only:  The student must follow established deadlines in applying for graduation, oral defense of thesis, and submission of thesis and abstract for approval.  Deadlines are posted each term outside of the Office of Graduate Student Services (418 White Hall).  Two (2) final copies of the thesis must be submitted in the Office of Administrative Affairs & Graduate Education (409 White Hall) or the student can submit thesis electronically.  Another copy of the thesis is customarily delivered to the thesis director.
  • Project only:  The student must follow the established deadline for applying for graduation.  The completed project must be defended by the posted deadline and the project itself must be submitted to project director by the end of the semester in which student plans to graduate.  Deadlines are posted each term outside of the Office of Graduate Student Services (418 White Hall).