Health Coaching Sessions Available

Health coaching is provided by Be Well Solutions as part of the university’s employee wellness program for full-time, benefits-eligible employees on all campuses. Health coaching appointments are individualized, 30-minute sessions with a certified health coach with expertise in a variety of areas, including exercise, nutrition, stress management, tobacco cessation and general health. On-site health coaching sessions will be available throughout the year. Upcoming dates include Tuesday, Nov. 8, and Wednesday, Dec. 7, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Heer Hall.

On-site Visits Don't Fit With Your Schedule?

If an on-site visit does not fit into your schedule, unlimited, telephonic health coaching also is an option and is available Monday through Friday year-round.  To take advantage of this offer to work on your individual health goals, simply log in to the Be Well Solutions website at and select worksite coaching or telephonic coaching

For questions or assistance with registration or coaching, you may contact Be Well Solutions directly at 1-888-935-7378.