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My questions relate to the impact of Covid-19 on my financial aid, exit interviews and whether remote instruction affects tuition.

Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, my family’s income has changed.  Can I appeal my financial aid eligibility for the 2020-2021 academic year to receive more funds?

Kent State University understands that your family may have experienced changes to your financial circumstances related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. If your family’s financial circumstances have changed as a result of Coronavirus/COVID-19 (e.g. loss of income, death of parent or spouse), you have the option to complete the Special Circumstance Application. Through the special circumstance process, we can review the information previously submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if it is no longer an accurate representation of your family’s current financial situation.

Access the Special Circumstance Application

How will financial aid be affected when I am reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of spring 2020 term?

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress reviews overall earned hours divided by overall attempted hours for the percent completion criteria. If a student decides to take the pass/fail option for designated courses, if the student passes the class those credits will count in earned and attempted hours.

If a student fails the class, the credits will not count in the students earned hours (and would hurt the percent completion rate) but would count in the attempted hours portion. Pass/fail grades do not affect overall GPA. Kent State University welcomes appeals from students who have extenuating circumstances who receive notification at the end of May that they do not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

For more information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, students should refer to

I was impacted by Coronavirus/COVID-19.  Do I still need to complete Exit Counseling?

Yes, you should complete Exit Counseling to let your servicer aware of your status and apply any Coronavirus/COVID-19 relief available.  If you do not know who your loan servicer is, you can find more information on, along with loan servicer contact information.

All of my classes were moved to remote instruction.  Will online or remote courses affect my federal financial aid (VA benefits, PELL Grant, Federal Direct Loans)?

The U.S. Department of Education has indicated that, as long as students are enrolled and working toward their degrees, federal Pell Grants, SEOG grants and Federal Direct Loans should not be impacted by this disruption. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, students receiving GI Bill benefits have been advised that payments will continue for students who continue to be enrolled this term.

All of my classes were moved to remote instruction.  Will online or remote courses affect my Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG)?   

No. However, students need to be enrolled at least 51% in Kent Campus-designated courses to receive OCOG.


What deadlines have been impacted by Covid-19 pandemic as far as FAFSA and Summer or Fall 2020 enrollment?

Have any deadlines for the fall 2020 class changed due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, May 1 is the final date to submit an admissions application for merit scholarship consideration and June 1 is the deadline for fall 2020 admitted students to confirm your enrollment.  For more information, visit Undergraduate Admissions.

I have not submitted my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Can I still do so?

Yes. You can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2020-2021 academic year at Be sure to list Kent State University as a recipient of your FAFSA results.

I plan to enroll in the summer 2020 term, how will I know what financial aid I am eligible to receive?

If you have not already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2020-2021 academic year, you must do so at Be sure to list Kent State University as a recipient of your FAFSA results.

Returning students must also complete their Enrollment Plans via FlashLine. Once you have a valid FAFSA on file and have submitted your plans for enrollment, you will receive a Financial Aid offer, if eligible.

For more information about Summer financial aid, please visit

For more information about Enrollment Plans, please visit

What is Covid-19 impact to loans – federal and private? How are they impacted if I am not taking summer classes?

How will Coronavirus/COVID-19 affect my federal direct loan repayment?

All Federal Direct Student Loan payments are suspended until Sept. 30, 2020.

You should also contact your federal direct loan servicer(s) directly to find out about additional information.

For more information about other types of loans, the effect on Public Service Loan Forgiveness and other the guidance from the U.S. Department of Education for borrowers visit Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents.

I borrowed from a private lender, how will Coronavirus/COVID-19 affect repayment?

If you have borrowed private loans, you should contact the specific private lender to find out about your options. Visit for more information.

If I don’t return in summer, will my loans go into repayment?

You have a 6-month grace period from the date you withdraw or drop to less than half-time enrollment before repayment begins.

What happens to room and board scholarships and federal work study awards?

Can I still use my room and board scholarships if I’m not living on campus?      

Room scholarships can only be used to pay room charges incurred from living in University-owned housing. Board scholarships can only be used to pay charges incurred from selecting a University board (dining) plan. For more information regarding your scholarships, please visit our Scholarship FAQs.

I am a Federal Work Study student employee.  How will my Federal Work Study award and employment be impacted?

For up-to-date information on student employment, including Federal Work Study Employment, please visit the KSU Coronavirus website under “General Student FAQs”.

I was not able to take the ACT/SAT due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Can I still be admitted for the fall 2020 class without the test requirement?
With offices closed, how can I contact someone and submit documents?

What if I have a general question about my financial aid while the campus is closed?

The One Stop for Student Services is available to answer your questions regarding billing and payment, financial aid, and scholarships or registration and student records (transcripts).  You can contact the One Stop for Student Services staff by phone at 330-672-6000 or electronically using the Contact Us form.  You can also contact your Regional Campus Financial Aid Office.  For contact information for Regional Campus Financial Aid Office staff, visit

I have documents I must submit to the Student Financial Aid Office.  How do I submit these documents?

In order to expedite the processing of your documents, you may submit documents to the One Stop for Student Services via the Contact Us form or fax (330) 672-6001. You can also mail your documents to:

One Stop for Student Services
PO BOX 5190
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

How to Scan a Document with your Phone (PDF)

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