Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

The Undergraduate Studies Coordinator chairs the Undergraduate Studies Committee and oversees the operation and development of the Department's undergraduate programs. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator are referenced in the description of workload equivalents (see Section 2 “Teaching Assignments and Work Load”) contained in this handbook.


  1. Duties of Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

    The responsibilities of the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator pertaining to the Department’s Undergraduate courses include:

    • Advising
    • Representation of the Department on the College Curriculum Committee
    • Recruitment and Retention (e.g., Academic Discovery Days; Career Preparation Program)
    • Scheduling of all LER’s and Core courses in consultation with Writing Program, Graduate Programs, Creative Writing Programs, and TESL/Linguistics
    • Department Awards, Scholarships, and Writing Contests
    • Consultation with the Department Chairperson on program staffing (including evaluations of Department faculty, program coordination among campuses, and supervision of faculty and staff)
    • Research on and for the English Undergraduate Studies Center and Program (including dissemination of new developments in the field, conference participation).
    • Supervision and upkeep of assessment procedures (including unusual reports and liaison with Writing Program)
    • Curriculum development and upkeep (including updates of Major requirements, Advanced Business and principles of Tech Writing, controlled sections)
    • Representation of the Undergraduate Studies Program on Department and University Committees