Duties of Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

The responsibilities of the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator pertaining to the Department’s Undergraduate courses include:

  • Advising
  • Representation of the Department on the College Curriculum Committee
  • Recruitment and Retention (e.g., Academic Discovery Days; Career Preparation Program)
  • Scheduling of all LER’s and Core courses in consultation with Writing Program, Graduate Programs, Creative Writing Programs, and TESL/Linguistics
  • Department Awards, Scholarships, and Writing Contests
  • Consultation with the Department Chairperson on program staffing (including evaluations of Department faculty, program coordination among campuses, and supervision of faculty and staff)
  • Research on and for the English Undergraduate Studies Center and Program (including dissemination of new developments in the field, conference participation).
  • Supervision and upkeep of assessment procedures (including unusual reports and liaison with Writing Program)
  • Curriculum development and upkeep (including updates of Major requirements, Advanced Business and principles of Tech Writing, controlled sections)
  • Representation of the Undergraduate Studies Program on Department and University Committees