Get Involved

This is where you want to be! 

  • Apply for the ESDRI Fellows Program, which includes many benefits like networking, research mentorship, and eligibility for research funding.  Then, add your involvement to your resumé.

    Our Fellows Program is ideal for any undergraduate student who wants to focus on environmental aspects within their degree program.  Whether you are an underclassman who is just starting to think about your degree field, or an upperclassman who is ready to begin research, allow ESDRI to support you during your time at Kent State.

  • Look for research opportunities by contacting faculty or visiting the Office of Student Research.

  • Learn more about ESDRI students featured by Kent State University.

  • The Office of Sustainability emails a newsletter that often contains job and research opportunities.

  • There are a variety of student organizations at KSU -- some run by our amazing fellows -- that may suit your personal or academic interests.

  • Check out the Green Zone: A Sustainability Community, which is a new on-campus housing Living-Learning program. 

If you are a Kent State University faculty member interested in partnering with the institute, please send an email to esdri@kent.eduClick here to view colleges and departments working with the institute.


  • Eligible for research funding every year.
  • Networking with faculty across all campuses and colleges.
  • Opportunities for multidisciplinary, cutting-edge projects.
  • Learn about relevant university and community events.
  • Ramp up your university service by being involved with our many committees.

Ways to become involved with ESDRI:

  • Add KSU Environmental Science and Design Research Institute to your affiliations, websites, publication, and email signatures.
  • During proposal preparation in Kuali, check the ESDRI box.
  • Mentor ESDRI Fellows.
  • Share achievements with us by emailing or any staff member.
  • Participate in programming, advising, and communication, such as for our annual symposium.
  • Provide valuable feedback.
  • Continue to do what you have always done: work with our amazing students.
  • Bring a class to conduct fieldwork, or conduct research yourself, at an available site (co-administered by Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability), spread throughout northeast Ohio.  

We thank you for selflessly supporting students in their scholarly endeavors!


We are always interested in discussing opportunities for partnering with community members, companies, and governmental agencies.  Particularly, we offer sponsorship opportunities for our annual symposium.  As such, your company/organization's logo will be featured on our Symposia webpage and the yearly symposium's webpage.

To begin a conversation about a partnership, please contact us by emailing  Thank you for your interest.