Exploration Plan 3.0

On average, more than 450 new first-year students choose the exploratory pre-major each year. The exploratory pre-major is for students who are considering multiple majors or who are undecided about a major. Exploratory students receive assistance through a guided Exploration Plan. The Exploration Plan is designed to guide each student through the exploration process by the time they reach 45 Kent State credit hours.


The plan includes six key components that you will participate in including:

select an area of interest

Selecting an Area of Interest

Selecting one of 13 areas of interest to begin exploring. This is the student’s first step and will be completed before the student begins their first semester.

major action plan

Major Action Plan

Creating a Major Action Plan (MAP) using the results of a career readiness inventory, students will utilize their MAP with an Academic Advisor until a major is declared.

first year experience course

First Year Experience Course

Engaging in the First Year Experience course (UC 10097), which will focus on the transition to college and a curriculum developed specifically for exploratory students including career exploration, developing an awareness of diverse perspectives, learning about their personality preferences and much more.

coursework with peers

Coursework With Peers

Enrolling in a course with other first-year Exploratory students, providing students with the opportunity to network with fellow peers and create study groups. Some of the courses include experiential learning components, which promote academic relevance, meaning and an understanding of real-world issues.

career navigation course

Career Navigation Course

Enrolling in the Career Navigation: Constructing the Possibilities (UC 20010) course during the second semester. In this course, students will explore self and careers, make connections and set career related goals. As a bonus, if a student is part of EXCEL, they will take this course with other EXCEL students.


excel learning community

EXCEL Learning Community Participation

Participating in the EXCEL (Explore, Careers, Education, Leadership) Learning Community is encouraged. EXCEL is designed to assist students in selecting their major by guiding them through career, education, and leadership exploration. EXCEL is housed in Lake Hall for those living on campus; however, honors students living in honors housing and those who commute can be part of EXCEL too.