Planned Transition of Kent State’s Van Campen Hall Creates Swing Space for "Foundations of Excellence" Initiative

UPDATE 7/12/13: Van Campen Hall will be used for residential housing for the 2013-14 academic year. The originally planned transition to office space will not be occurring at this time.

Residence Services to turn building back to Business and Finance division

Kent State University’s Department of Residence Services will turn control of Van Campen Hall back to the Division of Business and Finance in May 2013. Residence Services has been using the building as a residence hall for the past three years, on loan from the Division of Business and Finance. The planned transition of the three-story building will take 56 beds offline from Residence Services’ available stock.

The building will be used for much-needed swing space, providing transitional offices for displaced employees for the “Foundations of Excellence: Building the Future” initiative. During the next four years, Kent State will be transforming its campus with new buildings and revitalized classroom, laboratory, studio, performance, living and studying spaces. Van Campen Hall will provide temporary office spaces for employees whose buildings are being renovated or constructed.

Students who are currently living in Van Campen Hall will have priority registration for the contract renewal process for Fall 2013 university housing. The hall director and other members of Residence Services met with residents to let them know of the hall’s transition and explain how they will receive priority registration. Van Campen Hall residents also were given an information handout and were encouraged to contact their hall director should they have any questions.

“We feel comfortable with our demographics and our ability to house everyone who chooses to live on campus or is required to live on campus,” said Jill Church, Kent State’s interim director of Residence Services. “This is a planned transition. Van Campen is located on the periphery of campus, and generally, our students have preferred living closer to the center of campus.” 

Van Campen Hall is located on the edge of campus at 625 Loop Road in Kent. The building was added to the university in 1967 as part of Small Group One, which also included Harbourt Hall and Heer Hall.

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