Duties of the Graduate Studies Coordinator

The Responsibilities of the graduate studies coordinator pertaining to the department’s graduate program include:

  • Organizing and Chairing Graduate Studies Committee meetings;
  • Presenting policy changes to the FAC;
  • Reporting to the FAC on graduate affairs;
  • Long-term planning and scheduling of courses and faculty assignments, in consultation with Program Chairs for Rhetoric and Composition, TESL, and Literature;
  • Coordinating and administering language exams for all graduate programs;
  • Coordinating the admissions process and program committee decisions concerning GA and TF appointments;
  • Maintaining admissions standards across all programs;
  • General advising and mentoring of incoming students and of students who wish to switch  programs;
  • Presenting curricular proposals to the Department Curriculum Committee;
  • Facilitating programs and activities than enhance the general social and intellectual life of graduate students;
  • Keeping annual records and assessing data across programs concerning placement, attrition, time-to-degree, stipends, etc.;
  • Collecting information from Program Chairs for AQIP reporting;
  • Entering AQIP reports for all graduate programs;
  • Preparing for and coordinating the internal and external review of graduate programs;
  • Coordinating with RAGS, Arts and Sciences Graduate Affairs, and the department Chairperson to promote the growth, success, and institutional efficiency of the current graduate programs;
  • Representing the Graduate Studies Committee at Arts and Sciences Graduate Council Meetings.