Duties of Writing Program Coordinator

The responsibilities of the Writing Program Coordinator pertaining to the Department’s Writing Program include:

  • Works in consultation with the Department Chairperson to develop the writing faculty (including dissemination of the program’s teaching  philosophy, , and planning of workshops) and on program staffing (including scheduling for NTT and TT writing faculty, evaluations of writing faculty, program coordination among campuses, and recommendations to hire and supervision of faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants).
  • Conducts research on and for the Writing program (including the dissemination of new developments in the field, conference participation).
  • Supervises and maintains assessment procedures (including annual AQIP  reports and liaison with Undergraduate Studies Office).
  • Assists with University Writing Placement Procedures as they affect all writing courses in the English Department.  Maintains and develops curriculum (including overseeing updates of Instructors’ Manual/Students’ and Guide to College English Administers the Zurava Award (selection of judges and initial reading of entrees).
  • Advises all writing minors.
  • Represents the Writing Program on Department and University committees.  Heads the Writing Program Committee.