Assistant Professor

This rank is normally the entry level rank for tenure-track faculty holding the doctorate in philosophy.

For the initial appointment to the rank of Assistant Professor, a candidate must hold a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree in philosophy.

Further, for initial appointment, a candidate must have potential for excellence in teaching. Evidence for such potential is:

a.  Letters of recommendation, and where possible, student evaluations.

b.  The candidate's submission of class plans, syllabi, requirements, readings upon request of the Chairperson.

c.  The candidate's performance in reading and defending a paper before the Department.

d.  The candidate's performance in presenting to the Department faculty a class session on some topic set by the Department; or giving a session of some undergraduate class or graduate colloquium, with the faculty in attendance.

Finally, the candidate must have potential for writing publishable material. Evidence for such potential is:

a.   One or more publications.

b.   The quality of the candidate's dissertation.

c.   The quality of any manuscript the candidate may submit.

d.   Letters of recommendation from publishing scholars.