Criteria for Full Membership

To qualify as a Full member of the Graduate Faculty a faculty member must have fulfilled the following:

1.   Achieved tenure and promotion in rank to at least an Associate Professor as a Philosophy faculty member at any campus in the Kent State University system.

2.   Published either:

a. six (6) articles (refereed or invited), or

b. one (1) book

3.   Given four (4) presentations before professional bodies.

4.   Exhibited good graduate teaching, and performed the duties and responsibilities of a Graduate Faculty member serving on graduate committees (Graduate Studies, Program Advisory, Thesis Advisory and Thesis Defense Committees) and when applicable, as a Thesis advisor.

A Full Member may:

1.   At level F-1: Teach graduate course work and serve on master's committees.

2.   At level F-2: Direct master's theses, as well as Level 1.

3.   At level F-3: Serve on doctoral committees, and (with departmental approval) co-direct doctoral dissertations, as well as Levels 1 and 2.

4.   At level F-4: Direct doctoral dissertations, as well as Levels 1, 2, and 3. (Since the Department of Philosophy does not have a doctoral program, full membership at level 4 does not apply unless one has directed or co-directed a doctoral dissertation in another Department.)

The Graduate Faculty Committee will assess whether the faculty member has fulfilled the expectations stipulated in the list of qualification for Full Membership as a Graduate Faculty and make a recommendation to the Department Chair regarding the application, who will forward the Graduate Faculty recommendation as well as the Chair’s evaluation to the Dean.