Research and Teaching

Each Faculty member is expected to contribute to the Department, Campus, College and University according to the terms and condition of his/her letter of appointment. Scholarly activity is expected of all Faculty members, although the extent and/or type of activity may vary with the terms of each Faculty member’s assignment, campus location and Graduate Faculty Status. A Faculty member whose primary or sole responsibilities are undergraduate teaching and undergraduate programs may teach and serve in a greater number and diversity of courses with a larger number of students per semester than a Faculty member who is also a member of the Graduate Faculty. Supervision and direction of undergraduate research projects and theses is part of the teaching function of all Faculty members.

Faculty members with Graduate Faculty Status are involved in the research and graduate teaching program and are expected to present evidence of their research endeavors as witnessed by publication, proposals submitted for extramural funding, and dissemination of research in various venues as appropriate to the discipline. Activity in professional organizations and the training of graduate students is also expected. Most of the Department faculty members will be either a full or associate member of the Graduate Faculty. All Graduate Faculty members are expected to serve on graduate student committees, participate in extracurricular graduate studies programs, and direct graduate student research.