Faculty Workload Policy

The Department offers Ph.D. degrees in both Clinical Psychological Science and Psychological Science, and offers undergraduate students with both major and minor concentrations for the bachelor’s degree.  Faculty members are expected to engage in research and scholarship, and to provide high quality instruction to graduate and undergraduate students.  Faculty members are expected to advise and supervise graduate and undergraduate students, as well as to participate in Departmental, College, and University service activities.  The Chair is responsible for determining the workload assignments of individual faculty members.  Faculty workload assignments must be approved by the Dean.  During the academic year, every Faculty member is assigned 24 credit hours.

Overload assignments (i.e. workload assignments which total more than twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year for Faculty and which total more than thirty (30) credit hours for full-time non-tenure-track faculty) will be made only in unusual circumstances.  Such assignments require the agreement of the faculty member, and the approval of the Chair and the Dean.  As dictated by the CBA, overload assignments must be compensated.