Role and Responsibility of Faculty Members

Each Faculty member is expected to contribute to the University and Department in three areas:  research, teaching, and service.  As a doctoral-granting department, the Department expects research and scholarship of all Faculty members.  Faculty are also expected to be active contributors to their profession.  Additionally, seeking extramural financial support for research and training endeavors is encouraged.  To facilitate this research process, monies will be provided to each Faculty member to be used for research and/or professional travel purposes.  The Chair, in consultation with the FAC, will periodically review this amount and adjust as needed. 

Good teaching is expected of all faculty members.  Supervision of graduate and undergraduate research projects, including thesis work, is expected from all Kent campus faculty and is part of the teaching function.  Similarly, supervision of the Clinical Psychology work of graduate students is viewed as part of the teaching function of most Clinical Psychological Science Faculty members.

Service on committees is expected of all Faculty, commensurate with rank.