Spring '15 NYC Studio Students Launch First Volume of Vignette

During the Spring ’15 semester, NYC Studio students launched the first volume of Vignette, a publication written, designed and produced by fashion students. Fashion in the Media students and professor, Dimitri Koumbis, were inspired to create this quarterly journal after completing three-spread conceptual magazines as part of their midterm project. The journal aims to share a snapshot of what the class experienced during their semester in New York City.

The class was divided into fashion publication departments and collaborated on completing research, conducting photo shoots and interviews, and the logistics associated with producing and creating a printed publication.

While this journal is the result of a class project, it is also a glimpse into sixteen individual NYC experiences. Each subsequent NYC Studio Fashion in the Media class will produce the next volume of Vignette, creating a legacy for those who have the unique opportunity to study at Kent State’s NYC Studio for The Fashion School.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of Vignette, contact the NYC Studio at nycstudio@kent.edu.