It will be your responsibility to secure housing prior to moving to New York City, but we are here to help and guide as best as we can. We can recommend a number of housing providers that previous students have used. The estimated monthly costs vary greatly in New York depending on your chosen location, amenities, size of apartment and length of stay.

Note that the New York City Fashion program requires housing confirmations 90 days before the start of the Spring and Fall semesters and 60 days before the Summer session, so you’ll want to make sure you secure a place in time. 


Below is a list of suggested housing providers with the most popular being the Chelsmore and Educational Housing Services (EHS). These are all recommendations for you and you are absolutely allowed to find other accommodations on your own.

Chelsmore Apartments
Educational Housing Services


Some great advice from those who have been here before you and have lived the New York City Fashion experience. 

"Save your money before you come and research neighborhoods you'd want to live in before you sign a lease! You'll always get to explore other parts of the city when you're here."


"Use the housing websites the NYC study away site has listed, as they are great tools to find housing in and around the NYC campus."


"I rented through Airbnb, but it was with an actual rental agency which offered protection on the signed lease, landlord, etc. It gave me the flexibility to quickly end the lease due to COVID related school closures."


"The Chelsmore was a very safe location with employees in the lobby making sure we are safe, near a bunch of restaurants, and 10 minute metro ride from school."


"Make sure you understand/know commute time from your apartment to the NYC campus … you may be paying a cheaper rent, but your commute time is very long and can get expensive."


"The location (Midtown) was ideal for walking to the school. Considering laundry was included in our unit, this was another huge advantage. There was also a decent amount of space. Our landlord was very difficult to communicate with, which was frustrating, but the convenience of location outweighs this."


"It was a really great experience. The apartment was small, but I loved my roommate and I met so many people through her and got to experience a lot with her."


"Living in NYC is NOT like living in Kent! You'll have to prioritize what is important to you … location, space, commute, amenities … but at the end of the day you're in New York to experience the city so you'll be spending a lot of time outside of your apartment anyway!"