Stories From Our Students

"I chose to study in New York City because of the opportunities and experience. I think it is very inspiring that my studio professor worked at Anthropologie as a designer and as that being a brand that I would love to work for, it was cool to have her guidance and hearing about her experiences. I had 2 internships at Jussara Lee and Treffort Shirts...both were amazing opportunities and showed me two different parts of the industry. Jussara taught me how sustainability plays such a factor in fashion, and now that is something that I really value as a designer. I got to see the technical side at Treffort shirts and to see how it is executed in the industry, was amazing. I also attended the Sherri Hill New York Fashion Week show. In high school, I wore 2 Sherri Hill dresses and to see her newest collection come down the runway was like a dream. I also volunteered and checked the VIP people into a show in Brooklyn and attended a WWD sponsored talk with current designers, influencers, and industry professionals. I got to have so many experiences that you can’t get in Kent, Ohio."

Mattney Yates
Major: Fashion Design
Minor: Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

"During my semester in NYC I had a design internship three days a week with Christian Siriano. It was an eye opening experience working in the “real world”. It was a very fast pace/difficult internship position, but I learned more than I ever would in a classroom during this experience. I learned alot about fashion through production, and pattern-making factories downtown in the garment district. During the weeks leading up to fashion week I learned the most because it was very hands on. It was during this time that I was able to be a part of FW fittings, collection changes/fabric choices, and the behind the scenes of hair, makeup, and accessories. The whole week of fashion week was an experience I will never forget. I was introduced to numerous models and fashion industry leaders in NYC and was able to dress models and prepared them for the runway."

Morgan Narducci
Major: Fashion Design