Student Testimonials

You’ve heard enough from us, right? Now hear from current and past students on their personal experience at the Kent State University New York City Fashion program.

"I had the best time in NYC when I was there for my study away semester. I chose to study away in NYC because I wanted to do my internship and get a feel of the fashion industry while I was studying. It was an experience like no other as my instructors were a part of the fashion industry and I learnt so many new things from them. The best part was that the studio was in the Garment District, so I had access to all kinds of fabrics and supplies within walking distance. My favorite was being able to visit museums and all the high end fashion stores for inspiration and to check what's trending. I absolutely loved my time in NYC and I would do it again if that was possible!"

Apoorva Jain
Major: Fashion Design

"I grew after studying in NYC because I learned the importance of time management and how to hustle with a focus on my future career. It was a hustle from managing a design studio to working an internship two days a week and commuting to home in NJ, 1.5 hours away. The biggest thing I learned was that the best thing I could do in the city was to further myself after graduation by making connections and doing as many opportunities as possible. I participated in an Alumni speed networking event in the studio, and it was so beneficial. I met so many people that night and connected with them. One of the alums I met was an assistant designer for Natori. Meeting her allowed me to intern for a few weeks this summer once they opened their office again due to the pandemic. The NYC instructors also know so many people and have access to many opportunities that they shared with us. From knowing suppliers, industry professionals, and more, it was incredible to have that help with internship opportunities, alumni, and more. The instructors also learned how to push us to help us grow as designers, knowing what works and what doesn't in the industry."

Sydney Townsend
Major: Fashion Design
Minor: Sustainability