Student Guidelines

We encourage you, as a New York City Fashion student, to engage in Industry experience whether through volunteering or an internship. The experience and hands-on knowledge gained will be invaluable to your future. Please review the details and guidelines for completing an internship while studying with us in New York City. 

An average internship consists of 15 to 30 hours of work per week for a total of 225 hours to be considered for credit. Your school may have different specific requirements, so, again, it is up to you to know these particulars. An internship is every bit as impactful as a job and should be approached with the same level of professionalism. 

While we are here to assist, just like any job, it is ultimately up to you to find your internship opportunity. It is never too early to begin the search process. It is absolutely possible, even recommended, to find an internship before moving to the city. However, it is true that some students have interviewed for positions after arriving in New York. Rule of thumb: start early.

Please review the Student Guidelines for taking an internship, whether you plan to take it for credit or not. See below for a list of companies in New York City that have hired Kent State students in the past.

Kent State Students

There are two ways to participate in an internship while you are studying at the New York City Fashion program:


Enrollment in FDM 45192 - Fashion Merchandising or FDM 45292 - Fashion Design. Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites in order to enroll in an internship for credit. This course is online through the University’s learning management system. 

FDM 45192 - Fashion Merchandising and FDM 45292 - Fashion Design are in addition to the required New York City based coursework. Taking an internship for credit does not count toward the 12 credit hours you are required to take through the New York City Fashion program.

Once enrolled in the New York City Fashion program, you will receive current internship  opportunities from the school.  You will need to complete a total of 230 hours of supervised work per semester during enrollment. Because Fashion Design and Merchandising Internships may vary, please email for information.


Taking on an internship while in New York City is a key part of your experience here. An internship will provide you with an important opportunity to gain hands-on experience and grow as a professional. Please email for information.

Visiting Students

As a visiting student, you should consult with an advisor from your home school regarding internship requirements, especially internships for credit. Your advisor will be able to assist you in determining the best course of action for engaging in an internship while studying away at New York City Fashion.

Once enrolled in the New York City Fashion program, you will receive NYC internship opportunities from the school.

After meeting with your advisor, feel free to contact us with additional questions or concerns, at