Enrollment Certification

The enrollment certification definition by credit hour for loan deferments, insurance coverage or any other official certification of enrollment, is determined by the University Catalog. Courses receiving an AU, NF or SF mark are not counted in enrollment hours for certification purposes. This definition differs from the one used for assessing tuition and fees (for more information see the Bursar's Office website).

Access the Enrollment Certification Information Release Form

Please Note: For summer, this definition may be fulfilled by enrollment in one or more sessions within the summer semester.

Undergraduate Students

Full Time3/4 Time1/2 Time
12 hours9 - 11 hours6 - 8 hours

Graduate Students

Full Time3/4 Time1/2 Time
8 hours6 - 7 hours4 - 5 hours

National Student Clearinghouse

Students may obtain the following information from the National Student Clearinghouse web site. To access the Clearinghouse web site, log into FlashLine and go to Student / Resources / Requests and Authorizations.

  • View enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse.
  • View loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to the student's loan holders (lenders and guarantors), as well as, specific information about their student loans.
  • View the proofs of enrollment that the Clearinghouse has provided on the student's behalf.
  • Obtain a printable enrollment certificate that can be used for mailing to a health insurer or other company that requests proof of student enrollment.

For Employers - National Student Clearinghouse Degree Verifications

Potential employers may obtain student degree verifications from the National Student Clearinghouse for a fee.  Access the National Student Clearinghouse Verification Services for more information.

If a student has a hold, verifications of graduation will not be completed unless the verification is for employment purposes.