Financial Wellness Videos

Whether you’re deciphering your budget or grasping the nuances of credit cards, we’ve got you covered. Start your financial wellness journey with these helpful tutorials. 

Is a Credit Card Right for Me?

Before signing up for a credit card, it is important to understand what credit cards are. By watching the video below, students can learn more about credit cards and whether a credit card is the right fit for them.


Why is a Budget so Important?

Creating and maintaining a budget for healthy spending is an important part of financial wellness. By watching the below video, students will understand the process of budgeting and why they should make one.


What is a Student Refund?

While attending Kent State University, students may qualify for a student refund if they receive more financial aid than the cost of their classes. In these circumstances, a student may receive a refund from the university for the overage. By watching the below video, students can understand what a refund is, what they can do with it, and how they can receive it.