What is Flash Survey?

Flash Survey is an opportunity for students to let their voices be heard. At Kent State University, we are committed to ensuring the quality of our academic programs, our teaching and the learning experiences of our students. Student feedback on courses and instructors is pivotal for helping assess the impact of our efforts and helping individual instructors further develop their teaching skills. Flash Survey results are also typically part of the package of material reviewed when making continuing employment and promotion decisions. Flash Surveys matter!

Legacy Online Student Survey of Instruction System Retirement

Kent State’s Legacy Student Survey of Instruction (SSI) system was retired on June 1, 2023. This system housed SSI records for online courses through Fall 2013 and was replaced by the current Flash Survey product in Spring 2014. 

  • Students


    Your voice matters! Flash Survey responses you provide are used as part of the process of evaluating your instructor. Your feedback, including comments, can be used to improve your teacher’s performance and considered in decisions about ongoing employment or promotion. We take this survey seriously and hope you do, too!

    Your perspective on what’s working well in this course and what isn’t is very important. Please be sure to provide honest feedback with specific examples of both positive and negative aspects of this course. Comments are especially helpful for your instructor and often provide a clearer idea about the actions that might be taken to improve student learning. While you may not benefit directly from the input you provide for this particular course, being part of a culture of continuous improvement should benefit everyone’s educational experiences here at Kent State University. 

  • Faculty


    Flash Survey student responses are used as one source of input for evaluating your instructional abilities, helping to identify your strengths and opportunities for improving your interactions with students. It’s in everyone’s interest that you encourage your students to complete the SSI, giving students voice and ensuring more representative responses.

    Flash Survey allows for personalizing up to five questions that may be especially useful for trying new approaches/tools in the classroom. If you are new to teaching and/or Kent State University and have questions about how you interpret or act on the information in your SSI results, please discuss your results with a faculty mentor, your department chair or school director, or utilize the resources available at the Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Academic Leadership and Schedulers

    Academic Leadership and Schedulers

    Flash Surveys are one source of input for assessing faculty classroom strengths and opportunities for improvement. Flash Survey relies on unit administrators and course schedulers to vet information from Banner to ensure that the right students receive the right surveys. Reports are used by faculty and chairs and also included for consideration in RP&T decisions.

    Unlike paper surveys, the electronic SSI is personalized for each student/faculty combination. That personalization is why having the correct information in the system is crucial. For this reason, the course schedulers are critical partners in making sure that faculty and administrators receive accurate SSI information. The work of course schedulers will make it possible to provide SSIs that helps faculty identify opportunities for improvement.

    Use the links below to access our resource pages and learn more about how you can use Flash Survey. 

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