Question Bank

The Question Bank (QB) is a list of researched and curated questions developed by Purdue University and amended further by Kent State University so that students can evaluate their course experience based on content, quality, and deliverance. Each survey will allow up to eight questions selected by the appropriate academic unit body (ex:  FAC in colleges with departments, CAC in colleges without departments such as Architecture and Environmental Design), plus an additional two questions from the "Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses" section of the Question Bank that do not count against the total eight. The Kent State University Faculty Senate highly recommends that academic units use questions from the Question Bank, available for download to the right or viewable at the bottom of this page.

Selecting Questions

Below is the timeline for an Academic Unit to select questions or revise their current selection.


  • Initial Question Bank review: 
    • The SSI Oversight Committee will meet and review the current Question Bank list. The list will be cleaned; redundant and inappropriate questions will be expunged. The revised Question Bank will be prepared for Academic Units to review and request new questions.

January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024

  • Request Custom Questions to be added to the Question Bank: 
    • Academic Units will be able to review the curated Question Bank and request to have new questions added to the bank where the Question Bank does not meet a unit’s needs. Questions will be added upon review of the request. All new requests must be approved by the unit’s Advisory Committee. Fill out the "Custom QB Addition Form" with a list of custom questions that your academic unit would like to use in the upcoming academic year. Ensure that the requested questions are not already in the QB list or that there is no similar question present. These questions will be reviewed by the SSI Oversight Committee prior to being consolidated into the Question Bank.
      • Submit the form to no later than March 31, 2024.
      • Late submissions will be held until the next academic year and will not be selectable for this cycle.

April 1, 2024 through April 30, 2024

  • Review of requested questions: 
    • The SSI Oversight Committee will review the new question requests for quality and redundancy and will issue rejections where necessary. The questions will be consolidated into the Question Bank and will be published as a final revision.

May 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024

  • Question Bank question selection:
    • Academic Units can select their questions from Bank. No new custom requests can be made at this point. Any changes from the previous year, including any newly selected questions or removed questions, must be approved by the unit’s Advisory Committee. Fill out the "QB Selection Form" with a selection of questions that should be added to each course within your academic unit.
      • Please be sure to consult with the appropriate academic unit faculty governance body (e.g. FAC for Departments, CAC for the College of Nursing, etc.) prior to submitting questions.
      • Submit the form to no later than May 31, 2024.
      • Forms without approval from a CAC or FAC or requests for additional custom questions will be rejected.

Watch a video on how to fill out the selection form!


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