Academic Unit

I am an academic unit leader and would like to add additional questions to the Flash Survey; how do I do that?

You will be able to add additional questions to surveys that belong to your academic unit via the Question Bank Selection Form. You will also have the ability to create custom questions via the same form.

Read About the Question Bank

When can I view the reports for my academic unit?

Reports are made available 11 days after a course's end date. Aggregate reports for the academic unit are made available 11 days after the term ends.

I am an academic unit leader and want to give access to my unit's Flash Survey reports; how do I do that?

Access is only granted to users at the request of an academic unit leader via email.


I have access to the reports located in Flash Survey but do not have access to the old survey platform located at for historical reports; how do I can gain access?

Please open a ticket for the Flash Survey Administrator. Since the old survey platform is scheduled for retirement, no changes are being made unless necessary.

How do I access D.I.G.?

Pending tasks for Flash Survey can be accessed by visiting, or by clicking the Access Your Flash Survey on the Flash Survey homepage.

Access Your Flash Survey

As a course scheduler, what am I allowed to modify in D.I.G.

When data is being verified in D.I.G., any incorrect information needs to be corrected in Banner. The data will be synced back into D.I.G. during the nightly export. Only when the data can no longer be corrected in Banner will a course scheduler correct the data in D.I.G. directly. More information on this will be available soon.