How do I access Flash Survey?

Pending tasks for Flash Survey can be accessed by visiting flashsurvey.kent.edu, or by clicking the Access My Flash Survey at the top of the Flash Survey home page.

Access My Flash Survey

When will the Flash Survey be administered to my students?

View Your Surveys' Timeline

Which of my courses will be evaluated?

Course surveys are delivered based on your course's schedule type. The following list contains the schedule types that will be surveyed:

  • Clinic [CLN]
  • Colloquium [COL]
  • Emporium [EMP]
  • Field Experience [FLD]
  • Laboratory [LAB]
  • Lecture [LEC]
  • Combined Lecture and Lab [LLB]
  • Practicum or Internship [PRA]
  • Private Lesson [PRL]
  • Seminar [SEM]
  • Studio [STU]
  • Workshop [WSP]

Note: Academic unit leadership CAN decide to survey courses that do not fall into these schedule types. These decisions are made on a per-academic-unit basis. Consult with your college's main office if you have additional questions.

How do my courses show up in Flash Survey? Will they show up as whole courses or in individual sections?

Courses in Flash Survey will show up as individual sections and will be linked to the course’s CRN.

How can I add a link to the Flash Survey for my students into my course in Blackboard Learn?

Adding the link to Flash Survey into Blackboard Learn courses is very easy. Follow our guide linked below.

Blackboard LTI Guide

How do I create my own questions in Flash Survey?

For more information on how to create your own questions in Flash Survey, please visit our Training Center for training guides and videos!

What types of questions can I create in Flash Survey?

You can create a Likert scale question, true or false question, or a comment response question. The Likert scale ranges from Almost Always, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Almost Never. 

How do I preview the survey in order to see the questions already being asked?

Each survey can be previewed when creating Questionnaire Personalization questions using the preview survey button on the same page.

Can I view the completion rate of my class sections in real-time?

Yes, you can view the completion rate of your class sections in real-time. Completion rates can be viewed from the main dashboard once you log into Flash Survey.

Can I see a list of students who have and have not completed their course evaluations?

No, to respect student anonymity you will not be able to see a list of students who have and have not completed their course evaluations. However, you can see the completion rate for each of your courses so you will be able to see the number of students who have/have not completed their course evaluations.

When do I get to view the reports for my courses? 

Reports will be available 11 days after the official course end date per Banner.

What format will these reports be available in?

Reports will be available via webpage and are downloadable as a PDF or CSV

Can I still have my students complete their Flash Survey during class time?

Yes, we strongly encourage that you created in-class time for students to complete their surveys. This has shown to increase response rates.


How can I motivate students to complete their course evaluation? 

  • Provide time in class for students to complete their course evaluation.
  • Remind students, multiple times if possible, to complete their course evaluations.
  • Provide students with an explanation of why course evaluations are valuable and/or improvements you have made to the course/instruction utilizing feedback from course evaluations.

Am I allowed to require completion of the evaluation? Can I offer extra credit for completing the course evaluation?

You are unable to require completion of the evaluation as part of the course; however, you may offer extra credit as an incentive for having the class reach a certain response rate for the course evaluation (not based on whether an individual has filled theirs out or not). 

Where can I locate historical reports for courses for the Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure process?

For courses that ran prior to spring 2014, the reports for can be located at http://ssi.kent.edu.

Are students who have been assigned the grades of SF (Stopped Attending-Fail) or NF (Never Attended-Fail) able to complete a survey?

Effective February 3, 2019, students who have SF or NF assigned to them at the time of the survey period will NOT be able to complete a survey.

A student was assigned a grade of SF (Stopped Attending-Fail) but the grade has been removed; will the student receive a survey?

If the grade of SF is removed prior to the opening of the survey period or during the survey period, the survey WILL become available for the student.