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Survey Layout and Default Questions

Demographic Questions

  • I am taking this class for: (Major, Minor, Kent Core, CCPlus, Elective, Other)
  • On average, how many hours per week did you spend on this course, including time spent in class? (1-3 hours, 4-6 hours, 7-9 hours, 10-12 hours, 12+ hours)
  • The grade I expect to receive in this course is: (A, B, C, D, F)
  • What is your current KSU grade point average? (Not Known, <1.5-1.9, 2.0-2.4, 2.5-2.9, 3.0-3.4, 3.5-4.0)

University-Wide Questions

Each of the following questions are asked of every instructor at Kent State University. Each question has a comment box that requests additional feedback or examples to support the student's reasoning behind their response.

  • My instructor challenged me to think.
  • My instructor explained the material clearly.
  • My instructor created an environment for mutual respect.
  • My instructor was committed to helping students learn.

Question Bank Questions

Up to eight questions can be chosen by Academic Units from the Question Bank to be added to a survey.

Online Course Questions

Two additional questions can be chosen from the Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses section in the question bank by an academic unit to be added to their surveys without counting towards the eight question limit. The two below questions are highly recommended to be used with online courses. Please refer to the Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses section in the following question bank list to see the other online-based question options that will not count against the question cap.

  • The layout of the course made it easy to navigate.
  • The degree of interaction with the instructor was appropriate.

Faculty Personalized Questions

Up to five questions can be created by an instructor via Questionnaire Personalization for each of their courses  with a response key of a comment box, true or false, or the Likert scale.

Course Structure, Goals and Objectives
  • The syllabus is an accurate guide to course requirements.
  • Course requirements are clear.
  • Course procedures and deadlines are clearly explained.
Teaching/Learning of Relationships and Concepts
  • Relationships among course topics are clearly explained.
  • This course builds understanding of concepts and principles.
  • Concepts are presented in a manner that helps me learn.
  • My instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations.
  • Important points are clarified with good examples.
  • My instructor makes good use of analogies, illustrations, and/or case studies.
  • My instructor’s examples/demonstrations are clear and concise.
  • My instructor presents sufficient and relevant examples.
  • My instructor indicates relationship of course content to recent developments.
  • My instructor demonstrates how to apply concepts and methodologies.
  • My instructor helps me apply theory to solve problems.
  • Practical applications of course material are discussed.
  • Course projects increase my understanding of concepts and principles. 
Relevance of Content
  • My instructor attempts to relate my present learning to work in my future profession.
  • My instructor demonstrates the importance and significance of the subject matter.
  • This course relates course materials to real life situations. 
Organization and Clarity of Presentation
  • My instructor seems well-prepared for class.
  • Class presentations are well organized.
  • My instructor appears to be well organized.
  • My instructor summarizes major points in lecture or discussion.
  • My instructor communicates at a level appropriate to my understanding.
  • My instructor talks at an appropriate pace.
  • My instructor’s presentations allow for easy notetaking.
  • My instructor works effectively with drawings and diagrams. 
  • My instructor is good at facilitating group discussion.
  • This course provides an opportunity to learn from other students.
  • My instructor provides opportunity for questions during class.
  • There is sufficient time in class for questions and discussions.
Instructional Technology
  • My instructor uses technology in ways that helped my learning of concepts and principles.
  • Computer-assisted instruction increases my understanding of course content.
  • Computer assignments are a valuable part of this course
  • The computer-based learning materials in this class are useful.
  • Media in this course contribute significantly to my learning.
  • Assignments are well spaced throughout the course.
  • Adequate time is provided for completing assignments.
  • Course activities/assignments help me learn the material.
  • Directions for course assignments are clear and specific.
  • Course assignments are returned quickly enough to benefit me.
Providing Help as Needed
  • My instructor provides adequate opportunity for individual assistance.
  • My instructor provides individual assistance when asked.
  • My instructor is reasonably available for consultation.
Providing Feedback to Students
  • My instructor gives appropriate/timely feedback on each student’s performance.
  • My instructor provides useful feedback throughout the semester.
  • My instructor’s explanations and comments are always helpful.
  • My instructor comments usefully on my written work.
  • My instructor is sensitive to students’ responses when giving critiques.
  • Meaningful feedback on tests and other work is provided.
  • I receive appropriate and timely feedback on exams and projects.
  • Returned papers and exams carry helpful comments.
  • My instructor’s responses to assignments are beneficial to me.
  • Exams are reasonable in length and difficulty.
  • Adequate time is allowed for exams.
  • Exams cover material on which I expect to be tested.
  • Grades are assigned fairly and impartially.
  • The grading system was clearly explained.
  • Exams are announced ahead of time and are held as scheduled.
  • I understand the methods of evaluation used to grade my work.
  • My instructor returns papers/exams quickly enough to benefit me.
Diversity Issues/Respect/Rapport
  • My instructor shows respect for diverse groups of people.
  • My instructor shows respect for the various points of view represented in this class.
  • My instructor is open to differences in perspective.
  • Differing viewpoints and dialogue are encouraged in class.
  • My instructor is fair and impartial when dealing with students.
  • My instructor maintains a positive rapport with the class.
  • My instructor takes into consideration ethnic and cultural differences in teaching this course.
Student Participation and Effort
  • My instructor stimulates interest in the course.
  • My instructor encourages student creativity.
  • This course develops the creative ability of students.
  • I am encouraged to apply new knowledge and skills.
  • My instructor motivates me to do my best work.
Laboratory Courses
  • My instructor is able to explain the procedures involved in the experiments.
  • Expectations about specific lab procedures are clearly stated in advance.
  • My lab instructor provides sufficient help in the lab.
  • The lab sessions are well organized.
  • The relationship between the laboratory and the lecture materials was clear.
  • Lab experiences clarify the lecture material.
  • Lab experiences assist me in learning concepts.
  • My lab assignments are promptly returned to me.
  • My lab instructor provides helpful feedback on lab reports.
Clinical Courses
  • The amount of clinical experience offered is adequate.
  • An adequate amount of observation and supervision is provided.
  • My instructor clearly demonstrates the clinical techniques I am expected to develop.
  • Both appropriate and inappropriate clinical behaviors are clearly identified.
  • My instructor helps me correct problems in my clinical technique.
  • My instructor explains the underlying rationale for particular techniques.
  • My instructor explains each step carefully when discussing processes/techniques.
  • The clinic time is adequate to perform the required procedures.
  • Performance exams allow me to sufficiently demonstrate my clinical competencies.
  • Prescribed criteria are used in evaluating my performance.
  • My field experience is well coordinated with my course work.
  • I receive adequate supervision at the field site.
Performing and Studio Arts Courses
  • My instructor values my creativity and/or originality.
  • Directions given by the conductor in rehearsal are presented clearly.
  • My instructor’s demonstrations of techniques are clear and concise.
  • My instructor is instrumental in raising my artistic values.
  • My individual artistic gifts have developed because of this course.
  • Rehearsal time is used effectively.
  • My instructor is able to diagnose technical problems.
  • My instructor is sensitive to students when giving critiques.
  • Evaluations of my performance/artistic products are constructive.
Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses
  • The distance learning format is effective.
  • Technical requirements are adequately explained.
  • The course makes excellent use of technology.
  • Internet interaction between instructor and student is appropriate.
  • Internet interaction between students in the class is appropriate.
  • Instructional materials are readily available to distant students.
  • Communication of information (course calendars, fliers) is timely.
  • Delivery of initial course materials is timely.
  • Delivery of course materials is timely.
  • Delivery of exams is timely.
  • My instructor promptly returns graded assignments to distant students.
  • The layout of the course made it easy to navigate.
  • The degree of interaction with the instructor was appropriate.
Service/Experiential/Civic Engagement Learning Courses
  • The community service was relevant to the academic course materials and content.
  • In this class I felt I made a worthwhile contribution to the community.
  • My instructor did a good job of monitoring the projects that students were doing in the community.
  • My instructor helped me work through difficulties I encountered while doing community service.
  • This service-learning course has increased my knowledge about the needs of diverse populations.
  • Working with diverse populations in this course expanded my learning of the course content.