How do I access my Flash Surveys?

Pending tasks for Flash Survey can be accessed by visiting, or by clicking Access Your Flash Survey on the Flash Survey homepage. Emails are also delivered you as new surveys become available which contains a link to your survey list.

Access Your Flash Survey

When is the survey for my class available?

Surveys are scheduled to be delivered based on the length of the course and when the course's official end date is in Banner. Follow the link below to view the full list of survey delivery windows. Please note that instructors can also change the start date of the survey window to any day between the official survey start and end date listed.

Check Your Survey Schedule

Which of my instructors will be evaluated?

All instructors that are teaching your courses should be evaluated. The exceptions for which you may not receive a survey for your instructor are as follows:

  • Instructors that are not affiliated with Kent State University.
  • Instructors for courses in Career & Community Studies
  • Instructors that are listed on your course as an instructor, but does not actually teach your course.

Which of my courses will I submit evaluations for?

Course surveys are delivered based on your course's schedule type. The following list contains the schedule types that will be surveyed:

  • Clinic [CLN]
  • Colloquium [COL]
  • Emporium [EMP]
  • Field Experience [FLD]
  • Laboratory [LAB]
  • Lecture [LEC]
  • Combined Lecture and Lab [LLB]
  • Practicum or Internship [PRA]
  • Private Lesson [PRL]
  • Seminar [SEM]
  • Studio [STU]
  • Workshop [WSP]

Note: Academic unit leadership CAN decide to survey courses that do not fall into these schedule types. These decisions are made on a per-academic-unit basis. Consult with your college's main office if you have additional questions.

Help! Something's broke!

Is Flash Survey having issues? Do you need assistance? Create a ticket with the link below (or on the Flash Survey homepage) so we can look into the problem. Please try to include as much detail as possible, even screenshots help!

Create a Ticket

Do I have to complete my Flash Survey all at once or can I complete it later?

Flash Survey stores your responses as you progress. You can come back and complete the survey at a later date after pressing any of the SAVE buttons. If the Flash Survey is partially complete when the survey end date hits, any completed portion of the survey WILL be submitted.

Can I change my responses after submitting my Flash Survey?

No, unfortunately, you are unable to change your responses after submitting your Flash Survey. Answers can be changed prior to submitting your survey by navigating back through the survey using the built-in PREVIOUS or NEXT buttons. (Please do not use your browser's back button. This will take you out of the survey and may result in lost responses.)

I missed the window of opportunity to complete the Flash Survey. Can I get the survey opened back up so that I can complete it?

No, the survey window can only be changed at the request of the instructor.

Will my instructor know what I said about them?

While the Flash Survey system does require you to log in and allows you to start a survey and complete it at a later time, instructors are NEVER given any personally identifiable information to link your completed survey back to you. If a course you have filled out a survey for does not receive at least three survey submissions from three different students, a report will never be created for that course to protect the students' anonymity.

Is completion of the Flash Survey required? Will my grades or financial aid be impacted if I do not complete it?

No, completion of the survey is optional but is strongly encouraged so that your feedback can be used to improve the educational experience. Completion of the survey has no bearing whatsoever on grades or financial aid.

Why are these evaluations important?

Course evaluations are important because they allow you to give valuable feedback to your instructors regarding the design and delivery of the curriculum. In addition to providing feedback to your instructors, course evaluations are utilized to ensure the quality of academic programs and the learning experience for current and future students. Your voice matters!