Survey Layout and Default Questions

Demographic Questions

  • I am taking this class for: (Major, Minor, Kent Core, CCPlus, Elective, Other)
  • On average, how many hours per week did you spend on this course, including time spent in class? (1-3 hours, 4-6 hours, 7-9 hours, 10-12 hours, 12+ hours)
  • The grade I expect to receive in this course is: (A, B, C, D, F)
  • What is your current KSU grade point average? (Not Known, <1.5-1.9, 2.0-2.4, 2.5-2.9, 3.0-3.4, 3.5-4.0)

University-Wide Questions

Each of the following questions are asked of every instructor at Kent State University. Each question has a comment box that requests additional feedback or examples to support the student's reasoning behind their response.

  • My instructor challenged me to think.
  • My instructor explained the material clearly.
  • My instructor created an environment for mutual respect.
  • My instructor was committed to helping students learn.

Question Bank Questions

Up to eight questions can be chosen by Academic Units from the Question Bank to be added to a survey.

Online Course Questions

Two additional questions can be chosen from the Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses section in the question bank by an academic unit to be added to their surveys without counting towards the eight question limit. The two below questions are highly recommended to be used with online courses. Please refer to the Online/Distance/Hybrid Learning Courses section in the following question bank list to see the other online-based question options that will not count against the question cap.

  • The layout of the course made it easy to navigate.
  • The degree of interaction with the instructor was appropriate.

Faculty Personalized Questions

Up to five questions can be created by an instructor via Questionnaire Personalization for each of their courses  with a response key of a comment box, true or false, or the Likert scale.