Security & Police Records | Office of General Counsel | Kent State University

Security & Police Records

Title of Series Description Retention
Accreditation CALEA documentation, proofs, applications, inspections, audits 4 years +current Accreditation cycle
Alarm Information Alarm account and server records  Active + 1 year
Arrest Warrants Arrest warrants issued by Portage Courts Until served or recalled by court 
Bond Receipt Book  Court rovided bond receipt book  Until full 
Breathtesting Instrument Documents  All records associated with Departmental Breathtesting instruments Current + 3 years 
Clery Records  Crime statistics and documentation, Daily Crime and Fire Logs Current + 7 years 
Confidential Files  CI and drug investigation files  Active + 4 years 
Complaint Files  Complaints against the department or its employees 6 weeks after employee separation from department 
Dispatch Activity Logs Form for recording Dispatch Activity when CAD system is inoperable  Destroy when no longer in use
Expunged Records Case records expunged/sealed by court order  Current + 4 years
LEADS - Other Leads logs, audit and validation documents  According to LEADS schedule
LEADS Printouts  Printouts of LEADS responses to inquiries  Destroy when no longer in use
Logs Signout sheets (EX: key equipment, records, supervisor, Etc), call off sheets 4 years + current 
OPOTA Certification OPOTA forms documenting sworn status of LE personnel  Active + 1 year
Personnel Training Records  Training certificates, training summaries, unapproved training requests 1 year after separation 
Property Records  Sign in/out logs for evidence storage, Property sheets  Indefinite 
Police Reports - Felony Felony reports and arrests, cases involving possible DNA evidence retained pursuant to Ohio SB 77 Indefinite
Police Reports - Misdemeanor Misdemeanor reports and arrests  10 years after disposition 
Police Reports - non-criminal  Non-criminal reports; Accident reports with no associated charges  Current + 4 years
Report Review Forms  Documenting reports returned for completion Current + 4 years
Selection Records Classified staff hiring records, examination results, backgrounds, interview data, summary spread sheets  4 years + Current 
Shift Requests and employee schedules  Annual selection of shift preference documents, monthly work schedules  4 years + current 
Training Course Records Requests for internal and external training, course descriptions, Course attendance records and course payment records  4 years + current 
Unsecured Building Cards  Cards for recording broken or unsecured doors or windows on campus Current + 1 year
Written Directives General Communications, Personnel and Special Orders, Training Bulletins; Order Approvals Active + 4 years