Security & Police Records

Title of Series Description Retention
Accreditation CALEA documentation, proofs, applications, inspections, audits 4 years +current Accreditation cycle
Alarm Information Alarm account and server records  Active + 1 year
Arrest Warrants Arrest warrants issued by Portage Courts Until served or recalled by court 
Bond Receipt Book  Court-provided bond receipt book  Until full 
Breath-testing Instrument Documents  All records associated with Departmental breath-testing instruments Current + 3 years 
Clery Records  Crime statistics and documentation, Daily Crime and Fire Logs Current + 7 years 
Confidential Files  CI and drug investigation files  Active + 4 years 
Complaint Files  Complaints against the department or its employees 6 weeks after employee separation from department 
Dispatch Activity Logs Form for recording Dispatch Activity when CAD system is inoperable  Destroy when no longer in use
Expunged Records Case records expunged/sealed by court order  Current + 4 years
LEADS - Other Leads logs, audit and validation documents  According to LEADS schedule
LEADS Printouts  Printouts of LEADS responses to inquiries  Destroy when no longer in use
Logs Sign-out sheets (EX: key equipment, records, supervisor, Etc), call off sheets 4 years + current 
OPOTA Certification OPOTA forms documenting sworn status of LE personnel  Active + 1 year
Personnel Training Records  Training certificates, training summaries, unapproved training requests 1 year after separation 
Property Records  Sign-in/out logs for evidence storage, Property sheets  Indefinite 
Police Reports - Felony Felony reports and arrests, cases involving possible DNA evidence retained pursuant to Ohio SB 77 Indefinite
Police Reports - Misdemeanor Misdemeanor reports and arrests  10 years after disposition 
Police Reports - non-criminal  Non-criminal reports; Accident reports with no associated charges  Current + 4 years
Report Review Forms  Documenting reports returned for completion Current + 4 years
Security Surveillance Camera Recordings Recordings produced by University cameras used for surveillance purposes as defined in University Policy 5-12.17  30 days
Selection Records Classified staff hiring records, examination results, backgrounds, interview data, summary spreadsheets  4 years + Current 
Shift Requests and employee schedules  Annual selection of shift preference documents, monthly work schedules  4 years + current 
Training Course Records Requests for internal and external training, course descriptions, Course attendance records, and course payment records  4 years + current 
Unsecured Building Cards  Cards for recording broken or unsecured doors or windows on campus Current + 1 year
Written Directives General Communications, Personnel, and Special Orders, Training Bulletins; Order Approvals Active + 4 years