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We welcome our alumni to share information with us regarding their endeavors since leaving Kent State.  Please e-mail information, stories and photographs to, or share your information on our easy to use form:

Here's what some of our alumni are up to:

Ph.D. Students

  • Nick Wise (2012)  Lecturer in Sport and Event Management, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Hyiamang Safo Odoom (2012) Lecturer, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Andrew Shears (2011) Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley
  • Saad Algharib (2011) Assistant Professor, Kuwait University
  • Kakoli Saha (2010) Researcher, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India 
  • Lee Stocks (2009) Assistant Professor, Mansfield University
  • Jose Diaz-Garayua (2008) Assistant Professor, Coppin State University
  • Timothy Dolney (2007) Assistant Professor, Penn State - Altoona
  • Rajrani Kalra (2007) Assistant Professor, California State - San Bernardino
  • Hyun Joong Kim (2007) Assistant Professor, Pittsburg State University, Kansas
  • Jason Senkbeil (2007) Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Alabama
  • Velvet Nelson (2006) Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University
  • Sutapa Chattopadhyay (2006) Visiting Researcher, Maastricht University
  • Alec Boros (2005) Data Analyst, Oriana House
  • Douglas Cripe (2005) World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Steven Oluic (2005) Dean, Social Science and Public Service Technologies, Lakeland Community College  
  • James M. Smith (2005) Associate Professor, Towson University
  • Rob Kruse (2004) Associate Professor and Assistant Chair at West Liberty State College
  • Olaf Kuhlke (2001) Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor, Geography, Minnesota - Duluth
  • Petronella Kigochie (Muraya) (2002) Associate Professor, Howard University
  • Yuichi Ono (2001) Chief, Disaster Risk Reduction Section, U.N. Economic and Social Committee for Asia and Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Robert Schwartz (2001) Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Management, University of Akron

Masters Students

  • Jason Haley (2011) GIS Manager at Stratasan
  • Vanessa Myers (Dudley) (2009) Teaching program, Shawnee State
  • Siyao Xu (2009) PhD student at Stanford University
  • Gregg Bowser (2008) PhD student, University of South Carolina
  • Paul McClelland (2008) Development Officer, American Cancer Society
  • Dorris Scott (2008) English language teacher, South Korea
  • Najat Al-Thaibani (2007) Instructor, Abu Dhabi University
  • Kevin Surbella (2007) Davey Resource Group
  • Carmen Woodhall (2007) Geologist
  • Paul Butke (2006) GIS coordinator, Terra National Real Estate Group
  • Greg Ina (2006) Vice President and General Manager, Davey Institute
  • Lawrence Joseph (2005) PhD student, Arizona State University
  • Christina Nichols (2005) Development Officer, Oberlin College
  • Matthew Stewart (2005) Senior Planner, Mercer County Planning Commission
  • Kathleen Woodhouse (2005) PhD Student at Rutgers University
  • Wes Kent (2004) GIS technician, Medina County
  • Brian George (2003) GIS specialist, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Sung-bae Jeon (2003) PhD student, Boston University
  • Josh Inwood (2002) Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee (PhD, Georgia)
  • Lynsa Leigh (2002) employee, Landworks
  • Kristin Merz (Baum) (2002) Data Analyst, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
  • Carrie Bender Pleasants (2001) Assistant Director, Housing Research and Advocacy Center
  • James Pleasants (2001) Manager at FedEx
  • Gabe Popescu (2001) Assistant Professor, Political Science, Indiana University. (PhD, Florida State)
  • Heather Reinbold (Zieziula) (2001) Senior planner in Atlantic City

Bachelors Students

  • Peter Koby (2012) PhD student, Penn State University
  • Stephanie Messa (2010) Masters student, Western Washington University
  • Jason Popik (2008) GIS Technician, Davey Tree, Kent
  • Ian Cameron (2008) GIS Technician, Dominion, Fairlawn
  • Eric Bilen (2006) Park Ranger, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Mike Hradesky (2004) Staff Cartographer, Department of Geography, Ball State University
  • Jason M. Krall (2000) Geographer, US Census Bureau