Climate Change Minor

Coordinator: Cameron C. Lee

The climatology program aims to provide an overview of the atmospheric sciences and how the climate system works. It also focuses on understanding the role of climate in an increasingly diverse world. Students learn about potential climate change and how to understand and forecast its potential impacts. Students also learn how to apply their knowledge of climate and weather to a variety of interdisciplinary fields, including agriculture, conservation, health, forestry and environmental planning.

Course requirements for climate change minor (25 total credits):
  • GEOG 21062 Physical Geography 3
  • GEOG 31062 Fundamentals of Meteorology 3
  • GEOG 31064 Principles of Climatology 3
  • MATH 12002 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 5
  • PHY 13001 General College Physics I 4
  • PHY 13021 General College Physics Laboratory I 1

Choose from the following: 6

  • GEOG 41062 Advanced Physical Geography (3)
  • GEOG 41050 Polar and Alpine Environments (3)  
  • GEOG 41066 Climate Change and Its Impact (3)  

Or any other GEOG 40000-level courses, as approved by the coordinator