• Photo of Scott Sheridan
    Professor and Chairperson
    ssherid1 [at] kent.edu
    Expertise: Climatology, Biometeorology, Climate, Climate Change, Climate And Health, Applied Climatology
  • Dr. David Kaplan Headshot
    Professor and Graduate Coordinator
    dkaplan [at] kent.edu
    Nationalism & Ethnicity, French & Italian Geography, Urban Planning & Transportation
  • alttext
    Assistant Professor
    lbhungal [at] kent.edu
    Political, Race, Violence, Mobility, Middle East
  • Amoaba Gooden
    Professor & V.P. for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    agooden [at] kent.edu
  • Kay Amey
    Associate Professor
    kamey [at] kent.edu
    Hydrology, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology
  • Profile Pic Tim Assal
    Assistant Professor
    tassal [at] kent.edu
    Vegetation dynamics & disturbance; landscape ecology; biogeography; remote sensing; spatial statistics
  • Cameron C. Lee
    Assistant Professor
    cclee [at] kent.edu
    433 McGilvrey Hall
  • Jay Lee
    jlee [at] kent.edu
    GIScience, Geospatial Analysis, Urban Operations
  • Jennifer Mapes
    Assistant Professor
    jmapes [at] kent.edu
    Cities, Community Planning, Small Towns in the U.S., Sustainable Development
  • Dr. Becky Parylak Headshot
    rbrown80 [at] kent.edu
    Physical Geography, Climatology, Precipitation Trends
  • Chris Post Headshot
    cpost2 [at] kent.edu
    Cultural Landscape, Historical Geography, Commemoration, Heritage, Music
  • Dr. Thomas Schmidlin Headshot
    tschmidl [at] kent.edu
    Weather & Climate, Natural Hazards & Disasters, Severe Weather
  • Andrew Scholl Headshot
    Assistant Professor & Director, Master's of GIS program
    ascholl1 [at] kent.edu
    Biogeography, Landscape ecology, Vegetation dynamics, Environmental geography , GIS, Remote sensing. 407 McGilvrey Hall
  • Smiley Photo
    ssmiley8 [at] kent.edu
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Water Resources, Development
  • Dr. James Tyner Photo
    jtyner [at] kent.edu
    Political, Population, Gender & Race
  • E.S. Widner
    Associate Professor
    ewidner [at] kent.edu
    Biogeography, Urban Ecology, Environmental Geography, Environmental Philosophy
  • Profile Pic He Yin
    Assistant Professor
    hyin3 [at] kent.edu
    Remote Sensing, Land Use Change, Land System Science, Vegetation Dynamics, Spatial Analysis, 330-672-3220
  • Mary Lou Church Headshot
    Administrative Assistant
    mchurch1 [at] kent.edu
    413 McGilvrey Hall
  • Tony Carlucci Headshot
    Faculty Part-Time
    tcarlucc [at] kent.edu
  • Michael Dunbar Headshot
    mdunbar [at] kent.edu
  • Jeanne Schmidlin Headshot
    Faculty Part-Time
    jschmidl [at] kent.edu
  • Aimee Ward
    Faculty Part-Time
    award60 [at] kent.edu
  • Ryan Adams Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    radams32 [at] kent.edu
    Physical Geography, Climatology, Climatology and Extreme Events, Climate Change, Synoptic Climatology, Mountain Meteorology
  • Ben Agbemor
    Ph.D. Student
    bagbemor [at] kent.edu
  • Sandra Bempah headshot
    Ph.D. Student
    sbempah [at] kent.edu
  • AndrewsBoateng
    Ph.D. Student
    aboaten2 [at] kent.edu
    Climate Action Planning, Geospatial Analysis, Urban Planning, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Barat Chaturuedi headshot
    Ph.D. Student
    bchaturv [at] kent.edu
  • Cory Coakley Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    ccoakley [at] kent.edu
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Geostatistics, Geoarchaeology, Household Studies, Maya Studies
  • Weichuan Dong Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    wdong [at] kent.edu
    Spatial Social Network Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation
  • Michaela Gawrys
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    mgawrys [at] kent.edu
  • Mark Guizlo Headshot
    Ph.D. Student
    mguizlo [at] kent.edu
    Geospatial Sciences, Geographic Education, Land Use
  • Michael Hawkins Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Map Librarian
    mhawki11 [at] kent.edu
    Regionalism, Regional Identity, Political Geography, Cultural Geography, Geography of Sport, Nationalism
  • Profile
    Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Assistant
    xhong1 [at] kent.edu
  • Martha Joseph Headshot
    Ph.D. Student
    mjosep6 [at] kent.edu
    Agricultural Systems, Biogeography, Landscape Change, Resource Conservation
  • Kevin Skerl Headshot
    Ph.D. Candidate
    kskerl [at] kent.edu
    Landscape Ecology, Resource Management, Biogeography, GIS, Spatial Statistics, Remote Sensing
  • Kimsroy Sokvisal Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    skimsroy [at] kent.edu
    Human-Environment Interaction, Community Geography, Cambodia
  • Huiyu Lin Headshot
    Ph.D. Student
    hlin25 [at] kent.edu
    Geographic Information Science (GIS), Shrinking Cities, Land Use and Land Cover, Race and Ethnicity
  • Qingsong Liu Headshot
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    qliu20 [at] kent.edu
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cartography, Social Networks
  • headshot
    Ph.D. Student
  • Linh
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    lnguye13 [at] kent.edu
    Urban Geography, Ethnic Geography and Economic Geography
  • Omon Obarein
    Ph.D. Student
    oobarein [at] kent.edu
  • Erik Smith
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    esmit149 [at] kent.edu
    Climate, Meteorology, Physical Geography
  • Anna Solberg
    Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Assistant
    asolberg [at] kent.edu
    Tourism Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Studies, African Studies
  • Dave Stasiuk Headshot
    Ph.D. Candidate
    dstasiuk [at] kent.edu
    Political Geography, Violence, Memorialization, Indigenous, Development
  • R. Varner
    Ph.D. Student
    rvarner [at] kent.edu
  • Thomas Veldman Headshot
    Ph.D. Candidate
    tveldman [at] kent.edu
    GIS, Food Geography
  • Chris Willer Head Shot
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    cwiller1 [at] kent.edu
    GIS, Urban Geography, Community Planning
  • M Y
    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
    ymanoka [at] kent.edu
    Political Economy of Genocide, Legalities of Mass Violence, War, Gender and Race, Cambodia
  • Ortis
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    oyankey [at] kent.edu
    GIS, Geostatistics, Spatial Analysis, Health Geography
  • Patrick Zhao
    Ph.D. Student
    hzhao [at] kent.edu
    GIS, Chinese Geomancy
  • Zhuo's Photo
    Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant
    zchen25 [at] kent.edu
    Geographic Information Science, Social Network Analysis, GeoAI, Public Health
  • M Islam
    Masters Student
    aislam3 [at] kent.edu
  • jm
    Master's Student
    jmyer124 [at] kent.edu
    Community Geography, Cartography, and Feminist Geography
  • Suraiya
    Master's Student and Teaching Assistant
    sparvin [at] kent.edu
  • Jess-Reese
    Master's Student
    jafishe1 [at] kent.edu
  • Mary
    Master's Student
    mrodack [at] kent.edu
    Political geography, human geography, race/gender
  • Industrial Backdrop to Kayaking
    Master's Student
    mstille2 [at] kent.edu
  • photo_kstorrick
    Master's Student
    kstorric [at] kent.edu
    climate, weather, health
  • Haley Wachholz Headshot
    Master's Student
    hwachhol [at] kent.edu
  • Mandy Munro-Stasiuk
    Interim Dean - Arts & Sciences
    mmunrost [at] kent.edu
    Glacial & Karst Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Geoarchaeology