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I have long been interested in aspects and geographic manifestations of ethnic identity. This has led to extensive research on 1) urban segregation patterns in cities around the world, including its relationship to housing finance and economic opportunity; and 2) national identity, borderlands, and separatist movements.

In addition, I am studying the consequences of global urbanization, mortgage lending, urban planning and design, sustainable transportation issues, and the history of geography through analysis of dissertations..

I am the editor-in-chief of the Geographical Review and editor of National Identities.


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Recent Articles:

  • Where are the Women?  Accounting for Discrepancies in Female Doctorates in U.S. Geography with J. Mapes.  The Professional Geographer, 2016
  • Multi-Ethnic Economic Activity Along Three Immigrant Corridors in Paris, with C. Recoquillon. The Professional Geographer, 2016
  • Developing a Next Generation Campus Bike Share Program:  Examining Demand and Supply Factors, with Melanie Knowles.  Planning for Higher Education,  2015
  • Placing Immigrant Identities with E. Chacko. The Journal of Cultural Geography, 2015
  • Immigration and the Making of Place in Paris. The Journal of Cultural Geography 2015.
  • Transportation Sustainability on a University Campus  International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 2014.

  • Ethnicity, Poverty and Place within a Parisian Neighborhood with C. Recoquillon.  The Geographical Review, 2014.

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  • Prospects for Poor Neighborhoods in the Broadband Era:  Neighborhood Level Influences on Technology Use at Work, with K. Mossberger. Economic Development Quarterly.  2012.

  • How Geography Shapes National Identities with G. Herb.  National Identities 2011

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  • Saisies immobilières et prêts à taux variables dans les quartiers: quelques exemples américains.  Hérodote 132 2009

  • An Analysis of the Relationship between Housing Foreclosures, Lending Practices, and Neighborhood Ecology: Evidence from a Distressed County, with G. Sommers.  The Professional Geographer 2009

  • Entrepreneurship and Neighborhood among African Americans in Cleveland, Ohio” with B. House-Soremekun. International Journal of Business and Globalisation. 2009
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  • Going Online without Easy Access: A Tale of Three Cities” With K. Mossberger and M. Gilbert.  Journal of Urban Affairs 2008.


1991 Ph.D. Geography. University of Wisconsin - Madison. , 1986 M.S. Geography. University of Wisconsin - Madison. , 1982 B.A. (Honors) Humanities. The Johns Hopkins University.


Urban development issues, Geographic manifestations of ethnic identity, Urban segregation patterns, National identity, borderlands and separatist movements, Consequences of global urbanization, mortgage, Urban Planning, Sustainable transportation, Urban issues, Urban transportation, Traffic congestion issues, Segregation, Ethic/Racial Succession, Nationalism, Transportation, Urban Planning-Design, Housing Politics, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, border regions


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Global Understanding Research Initiative, Healthy Communities Research Initiative