Week 15: Finals Countdown

... and Then a Breather

"Start early! Be sure to take it one day at a time and prioritize your studying. Keep up on your work throughout the year and finals week will be a breeze."

— Marisa Stephens, Kent State FlashGuide studying Managerial Marketing

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Marisa Stephens

Finishing chapter #1

Time at college goes by quickly. As much as possible, fill your days with things that enrich you in the present and strengthen you for tomorrow.

Study Tips

  • You have been preparing all semester for this, remember that. 
  • Outline your notes to create a study guide. 
  • Take all of the assignments, quizzes and tests you have taken and use those as a guide for your final.  
  • Do not cram before the exam; study in intervals: Study in 20-50 minute increments and give yourself 5-10 minutes breaks in between.
  • Avoid the all-nighter: Get a good night sleep and don’t over exert yourself.
  • Minimize the distractions around you. Find a different location from your normal studying location if there are too many distractions.
  • The night before the exams gather everything you will need—Student ID card, pencils, pens, blank paper.
  • The day of exams wake up early so you are not rushed.

Study areas and support

Access Academic Resources Check Out Drop-In Tutoring Register for Scheduled Tutoring Explore Virtual Tutoring

Study Breaks

  • During finals week, take a study break with therapy dogs, popcorn and beverages. 
  • Visit the Stress Free Zone on the first floor of University Library

Finals Week Goes to the Dogs

Man's best friend can help turn the stress of Finals Week into smiles. The Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy Program® has been comforting students with visits to residence halls, classrooms, events and University Library.  

What started at Kent State University more than a decade ago is catching on at other universities around the country. From Yale to Berkeley, four-legged friends are filling campuses with their stress-reducing abilities. BarkPost.com highlights eight universities, including Kent State, that use therapy dogs to help students calm down, whether it is checking out a dog the way you would a library book, or just petting one while you are studying for finals. 

Watch for Stress Free Zones in University Library during finals week.


Your first semester is almost over. Did it "Flash" by? If you are heading home for the holidays, you will need to brush off the rules at home that were established during Thanksgiving break. Conforming to back-home rules can be a small price to pay as you reconnect with family and friends from home. Conversely, if you'll be missing new friendships and relationships, today's technology makes keeping in touch relatively easy. Maybe old friends and new friends alike could meet and get acquainted via your social media spaces or a weekend gathering at a central location.

For those students who are unable to travel home, remember, even if you have been accepted into winter break housing, campus services may be limited. Always check a department website before venturing out to be sure you are aware of any adjusted hours. Perhaps you could still stay in touch with those far away through social media, snail mail or phone calls. While it's OK to hunker down with a great book or a catch up on a TV series, don't become a hermit while new-found friends are away. Venture downtown or to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center for continued social interaction.