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An All-Great Place Initiative Member Meeting Provides Opportunity to Reflect and Look Ahead

Last Friday, January 25, 2019, the full Great Place Initiative membership gathered at the Oscar Ritchie Hall to reflect on all that has been accomplishedwelcome new members, and provide an opportunity to collaboratively focus on the work ahead. In attendance were students, faculty and staff who currently serve in one or more of the Great Place initiative Subcommittees:


  • Students Subcommittee
  • Faculty Subcommittee
  • Staff Subcommittee
  • Regional Campuses Subcommittee
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Race
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Disability


Below, there is a copy of the event's Agenda and PPT presentation compiling every Subcommittee's Report. Here is a link to some pictures and key moments captured on video.

Presentation Compiling Each Subcommittee Report

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