Timeline | Great Place Initiative | Kent State University


Spring 2018

  • GPI Leaders, Subcommittee Chairs and Members build synergy at Stark Campus during a March retreat. They learned about project management principles, received direct feedback from other Subcommittee members on their work, and had teh opportunity to identify areas of intersection to be leveraged for a strategic impact of the GPI efforts
  • A research team led by Dr. D'Enbeau and Dr. Compton, is working on a Qualitative Analysis of the Climate Study data--their reports inform the work of Subcommittees
  • The Student Subcommittee establishes the Climate Advisory Network as a mechanism to respond to climate-related incidents
  • The Staff Subcommittee provided recommendations on a Staff Council, an anti-bullying policy and a work-life balance policy
Fall 2017

  • The GPI advanced its work through four Subcommittees: Student, Faculty, Staff and Regional Campuses
  • Each Subcommittee further divided into Work Groups to work directly on early-wins and high-impact initiatives
  • A Qualitative Analysis of the Climate Study Data began to inform the work of each Subcommittee
Summer 2017

The Great Place Initiative was launched to ensure responses to and action on climate-related issues that were identified.

Spring 2017
Spring 2016


In March of 2016, a universitywide survey was launched to identify strengths and barriers related to being a welcoming, engaging place that nurtures a culture of inclusiveness and respect. Thank you to all that participated.