The campus climate at Kent State University shapes the lives of all of us. Understanding deeply the varied experiences of our community is a critical part of continuing to improve how we work toward creating a more inclusive and equitable campus environment. That is the goal of the Engagement & Well-Being Survey.

About the Survey

This assessment will allow us to better understand the experiences of our community. We know from the research that thriving campus climates contribute directly to overall success for students, staff, and faculty. The results will assist us in better understanding our learning, living, & working environments (what we are doing well and where there are challenges). This is an opportunity for you to ensure your voice is part of this effort. 

Campus Climate Matters 

The research literature supports that the campus climate influences the levels to which students, faculty, and staff members thrive. People who feel connected and supported by their campus communities have a higher likelihood of success in every area of their lives. 

This 2024 survey also builds upon previous climate surveys taken by the Kent State community in 2016 and 2021. Information on the 2016 Climate Study and 2021 Climate Study on Race can be found on this website, including major accomplishments made from the data collected. The 2024 survey data will allow us to benchmark student, staff and faculty sense of belonging throughout the years and identify barriers to engagement. Once the data is analyzed in Spring 2025, the Working Group will determine next steps in how to address these barriers and improve the Kent State experience for our faculty, staff and students on all campuses.

Our voices count!

All Kent State faculty, staff and students will be encouraged to participate in this confidential survey in September 2024. The findings from this survey will help Kent State create and maintain a healthy, inclusive environment for all. Continue to check this website for updates on the Engagement and Well-Being Survey and contact with any questions.