Kent State University seeks to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive campus environment that respects individual abilities, differences, needs and potentials. In spring 2021, a university-wide climate study, “Race: Our Voices Count,” survey was conducted to help understand the current climate at the university’s Northeast Ohio locations.

About the study

This climate study offered students, faculty and staff the opportunity to describe their personal experiences, and observations and to offer suggestions for change to help enhance the campus climate at Kent State.

The goals of the climate study:

  • Gauge progress from the efforts conducted since the 2016 climate study 
  • Hone in on the experiences related to race and how it intersects with other identities to inform our practices
  • Further inform the university’s anti-racism efforts

Our voices count!

All Kent State faculty, staff and students were encouraged to participate in this confidential study. The findings from this survey will help Kent State to create and maintain a healthy, inclusive environment for all.

Message from the President