2016 Climate Study Results

In March of 2016, a university-wide survey was launched to identify strengths and barriers related to being a welcoming, engaging place that nurtures a culture of inclusiveness and respect. Thank you to all that participated.

Results and Findings

In the spring of 2017, the survey results were presented, and the findings are the foundation for the work of the Great Place Initiative (GPI). The GPI team works to help Kent State create and maintain a healthy, inclusive environment for all.

Access GPI Accomplishments

You added your voice, now hear the results

The following reports are available to the university community and summarize the results of the Climate Study conducted by Rankin & Associates. 

  • Three reports and corresponding executive summaries are available for viewing as linked below. 
  • These reports cannot be printed. 
  • One printed copy of the three reports will be maintained in the office of Dr. Alfreda Brown, the former Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (located in the 2nd floor Executive Suite of the Library). The division has since been renamed the Division of People, Culture and Belonging.
  • Arrangements to read the written reports can be made by calling 330-672-2442  or emailing diversity@kent.edu.

Reports and Presentations

Kent State University Aggregate Report

Executive Summary Full Report Presentation

Kent Campus Report

Executive Summary Full Report Presentation

Regional Campuses Report

Executive Summary Full Report Presentation

Additional Information