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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ relates primarily to the GPS Audit and Plan. For general questions about exploring majors and minors, please see the GPS FAQ.


What is GPS?

GPS, or the Graduation Planning System, consists of the semester plans (Roadmaps), Degree Audit (official graduation requirements), and the individualized Plan (each student's plan of study defined by semester).

How can I schedule an advising appointment?

From the GPS channel in FlashLine, you can link to the advising scheduling system, or go to

Where can I find Roadmaps for my program or other programs?
Are there directions for understanding my degree audit and completing my degree Plan?
Can I use GPS to register for classes?

Although your audit and Plan will guide you in taking the correct classes, you will need to access the registration system to register for them. Entry to registration is determined by the number of earned credit hours. You will register through FlashFast.

Who has access to my GPS?

Your college and advisor(s) can access your GPS information.  If you have granted access to anyone outside the university, such as your parents, they will be able to view it as well.

Can I find my grades in GPS?

Your grades will appear on your degree audit once they have been posted. This information updates nightly.


What is my Catalog Year? Is it different from my Catalog Term on FlashFast?

When using your GPS audit you will see your Catalog Year displayed in the Degree bar.


If your Catalog TERM, as shown on FlashFast, is a Spring or Summer term, the Catalog Year will be the prior Fall semester.


What if I have technical questions about accessing GPS?

For technical questions or issues related to accessing GPS, please contact the HelpDesk (330-672-HELP).

What web browser should I use to access GPS?

To ensure full and proper functionality when accessing GPS, Windows users should use Internet Explorer, and Mac users should use Safari.

Where do I find information for my second major or degree?

Look in the degree and major boxes at the top of your degree audit.

Dropdown Menu

If you have two different degrees, click on the dropdown for “Degree” to see each one separately.  If there are multiple majors with the same degree, the majors will be listed in the student information block of the audit and the requirements will be combined within the single audit.

How do I know if I have everything covered for graduation?

Look at all the boxes in each block of your audit. If there is a green checkmark the requirement is complete. If there is a blue tilde that means the requirement is planned on your degree Plan or is in progress. Remaining red checkboxes indicate that the requirement has not been met. Be sure to verify your progress toward graduation with your advisor.

If I think there is an error in my audit, what should I do?

Always contact your advisor if you find an error in your audit or Plan.

How can I see all the classes I have taken?

In your degree audit, click on the "Class History" link at the top of the page.  This will provide a chronological list of all courses you have completed and the grades you have earned.

What do I do if I want to change my major?

You should contact your advisor to initiate an official program change. They are listed on your degree audit, or contact your advising office.

If I am thinking about changing my major, how can I see how the classes I have completed will fit?

You can run a “What-If” audit, found in the left-side of the GPS Audit tab in your degree audit.  Add your intended degree, major, college, etc. to the fields requested then click the "Process What-If" button. The results will show how your completed courses apply and what remains to be taken. For additional information, click here.

How do I know who my advisor is and how to contact them?

Your advisor is listed at the top of your degree audit and their name is linked directly to their email. If there is no advisor listed, contact your advising office



Can I make changes to my Plan?

Once your Plan is created by your advisor, you must meet with them to have them make any changes or updates.

What is an Individualized Plan?

Each student will have an individualized degree Plan, created in consultation with their advisor, that begins with the requirements in the Degree Audit, organized in a Roadmap format, but is tailored for each student's unique situation. For example, if you transfer to Kent State or bring post-secondary or AP credit as a new student, this will be accounted for in your degree audit and only the remaining unmet requirements (courses) will be reflected in your individualized degree Plan. The Plan can be adjusted to fit your needs, including shortening your program if you are able to graduate in a shorter timeframe, by adding summer terms or taking additional courses each term, or expanding your program to accommodate a work schedule or family responsibilities. Once approved, your individualized degree Plan is what you follow to graduation. Final graduation requirements, however, are confirmed by your degree audit.

Are courses that I put in my degree Plan guaranteed to be offered when they are planned?

Kent State University will make every effort to offer courses within the terms they are planned.  You need to be aware that some courses may be offered only in the fall or spring semester, so you will need to plan accordingly.  Because course offerings are created based upon active plans, it is very important to follow it closely.


When is the Advice Calculator Helpful?

This can be used to determine specific grades needed to achieve a desired GPA. It is more specific than the graduation calculator.

What is the Graduation Calculator?

This can be used to give you a general view of what grades you will need to earn throughout your remaining credits in order to achieve your desired GPA.