Performance Evaluations: tips and best practices

We’re making our way into the final quarter of the fiscal year, which means it’s Performance Evaluation season. Evaluations for classified and unclassified employees will be open from Apr. 3 through Jun. 16, 2023.

Why do we have performance evaluations?

Continual dialogue between an employee and their supervisor is a critical element in successful performance management and the annual performance evaluation is an opportunity for this dialogue to be impactful.

Some of the key objectives of the performance evaluation process include: 

  • Align employee performance with unit, department, division and university goals;
  • Foster two-way communication regarding job performance and the assessment of goals and opportunities for the unit and the individual;
  • Establish a mutually-understood set of performance standards and required outcomes;
  • Recognize meaningful contributions of employees;
  • Discuss opportunities for growth and development; and
  • Provide necessary feedback when performance does not meet expectations, while creating a positive, collaborative approach to foster future success.

Tips and resources

Set yourself up for success this year by taking into consideration the following tips!

Get your self-evaluation done early

The performance evaluation format at Kent State is twofold, meaning you and your supervisor will have the opportunity to evaluate the work you’ve done this past year. Consider getting your self-evaluation done early so there’s plenty of time to schedule the evaluation with your supervisor.

Use records from throughout the year

Access is available all year long to your performance log. Employees and supervisors can use it to record accomplishments, training and discussions. This becomes the perfect resource to have meaningful conversations about your work during evaluations.

Additional resources for managers

Two webinars will be available for supervisors and managers. The first, "Navigating the Online Evaluation Process," will familiarize evaluators with the online assessment tool. The second webinar, "Assessing and Improving the Performance of Others," is a webinar for new and existing managers and supervisors regarding how to evaluate employees.

Below are the registration links for the Performance Evaluation webinars:

Additional information, training aids and supervisor manuals are located on the Human Resources Performance Evaluation website. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Watson at 330-672-4636 or, Janine Bogden at 330-672-8526 or Norma Karam at 330-672-8334.

POSTED: Friday, March 24, 2023 08:51 AM
Updated: Friday, April 28, 2023 10:01 AM